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Can Pets Help You Live Longer?

June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month, making it a great time to reflect on how much happiness our cats—and pets in general—bring to our lives. Indeed, our furry (and feathery…and scaly) friends bring us lots of laugher and joy, but there is something else they may be able to do, too—help us live longer.

Can pets really can lengthen our lives? According to several studies, the answer may be yes.

First of all, it should be noted that many of the studies on this subject are observational studies, as opposed to randomized, double-blind controlled trials. These limitations mean that we can’t be certain that having a pet directlycauses improvements in health. However, there are a number of studies which show thatpet ownership is associated with better health.

Heart health

Pets seem to have an especially strong influence on their humans’ hearts. Compared to those who don’t own dogs, dog owners are much more likely to still be alive one year after a heart attack, regardless of how severe it was. In another study, cat owners had a decreased risk for heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. According to this study, petting a dog or cat has the ability to lower people’s heart rate and blood pressure.

It’s even been shown that simply having your pet in the room canhave a positive effect. One study found that having one’s dog in the room lowered heart rates under stress more than blood pressure medication.

This research seems to be having an effect. In 2013 the American Heart Association issued a statement saying that owning a pet—a dog in particular—could reduce your risk of heart disease.

Other benefits

In addition to heart health, pets have been shown to have a positive impact on depression, self-esteem,stress, and loneliness. This is especially important for elderly people, and there are many successful pet therapy programs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the U.S. Studies have shown that animal-assisted therapy, or AAT, can reduce depression, agitation, and aggression in nursing home patients with dementia, andhelp them participate in social activities.

Pets can have a tangible impact on people’s health and well-being, and even help extend their lives. In this way, it can be said that pets protect us. Another way to protect your family—including your animal family members—is with life insurance. Making the smart decision to purchase life insurance can help payfuneral costs, pay off debts and replace income, and more.

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Preparing for Death in the Digital Age

How to Prepare for Death in the Digital Age

Preparing for death means preparing for the inevitable. While the idea of preparing for your own death might send shivers down your spine, it’s important to talk about what will happen when we die. Now that we’re living in the digital age, death is becoming an even more complicated topic. People now have to deal with issues such as online bank accounts, social media profiles, and confidential login credentials when a loved one passes away. All of this comes on top of taking care of medical bills, making funeral arrangements, executing a will, and following a loved one’s final wishes. You can do your loved ones a favor by preparing for your death sooner rather than later. Take a look at all the practical ways to prepare for your eventual death.


Designate a Beneficiary


As previously mentioned, a loved one’s to-do list can quickly get out of control when someone passes away. As you begin to make arrangements for your death, start by designating someone that you trust as your beneficiary. This person will be in charge of doing most of the heavy lifting when you die. Be prepared to share all of your confidential login information, financial statements, and just about anything else with this person. If anything changes along the way, be sure to keep them in the loop.


Keep Your Login Credentials Organized


Most of our online profiles and accounts will continue on after we die. You can ask your beneficiary to manage, disable or delete most of those accounts after you die if you give them the corresponding login information. You can make things easier for everyone involved if you start compiling all of your information on spreadsheet or a Google doc. This might include anything from your Facebook logins to a list of credit cards you carry.


Purchase Life Insurance


As the to-do list continues to grow for your loved ones when you die, life insurance becomes all the more necessary. Taking care of a loved one’s final wishes can easily turn into a full-time job, especially when you start talking about funeral plans. That means more time away from work. Setting up a life insurance policy is a great way to leave something behind for your loved ones. That money can be used for your children’s education, the mortgage on the family house, any outstanding medical bills, funeral expenses and so much more. If your loved ones need to take time off work, they can use the death benefit to keep the lights on while they take care of your last wishes.


Premiums increase with age, so now is the time to apply for your life insurance policy. Browse dozens of quotes from top-rated companies at

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Do Single People Need Life Insurance?

Why Do Single People Need Life Insurance?

What You Need to Know About Life Insurance for Single People

Life insurance for single people is a subject that often goes overlooked in the insurance community. After all, most people purchase a life insurance policy because they want to leave something behind for their partner and/or their children. But there are plenty of reasons why a single person might consider buying life insurance:

Single Today, Married Tomorrow

Even if a person is a self-declared bachelor or bachelorette doesn’t mean that they will stay that way forever. A person might have zero intentions of getting married or settling down, but life is always full of the unexpected. A single person should still consider purchasing a life insurance policy today because they will be able to lock down a lower rate. If they decide that they want life insurance 10 years down the road, they’ll get stuck paying higher premiums.

Paying Off Debt

If a single person were to die before they have a chance to pay off their student debt, mortgage, or a car payment, their parents or a co-signer would be forced to inherit that debt. In addition to mourning the loss of their loved one, those families would be left in an unfortunate financial situation. If a single person is still in debt and expects to be in debt for an extended period of time, they can do their loved ones a favor by purchasing a life insurance policy.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

Even if a single person has no dependents, they are not entirely alone in this world. Chances are that the person still has siblings, parents, godchildren, or nieces and nephews that might suffer financially if they were, in some way, dependent on the deceased person’s income. A newborn niece will need a college education some day, a person’s parents might need some help with retirement, or a sibling might fall on hard times due to an illness or a disability. Any one of these scenarios can easily become reality.

If you’re single and considering purchasing a life insurance policy, you can get quotes from top insurance providers right here on Simply use our life insurance quote tool and instantly compare the best rates and policies for you.

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