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Speaker Ryan Statement at Task Force on Intergovernmental Affairs Hearing

WASHINGTON—Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke at the first hearing of the Speaker’s Task Force on Intergovernmental Affairs, chaired by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT). Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery:

“I want to start by thanking Leader Pelosi and all the members on both sides of the aisle who have agreed to serve on the Task Force. I also want to thank the witnesses here today and those who have volunteered to serve on the Advisory Board to the Task Force.

“I want to especially thank Chairman Bishop. We are here today because of his commitment to a bipartisan dialogue on federalism that is truly driven from the bottom up.

“The way I see this is: Federalism does not belong to one party or the other—it is a founding principle that we all cherish. It embodies the genius of genuine self-government, because government works best when it works from the bottom up, when it is accessible and accountable to the people it serves and is responsive to their needs. But in recent years, the principle of federalism has slowly eroded under an overreaching federal government.  

“In Congress, we may not always see things the same way, but there is no question we can all work as better partners with state, local, and tribal leaders. We know we have so much to learn about how state and local leaders are solving the problems of the day. And of course Washington does not know best, and one size does not fit all.  More partnership, less arrogance, and a willingness to listen and learn will go a long way.

“Under Chairman Bishop’s leadership, this Task Force will study ways to restore the proper balance of power between the federal government and states, tribal, and local governments. And it will look at how we can reduce needless regulatory burdens facing communities across the nation. 

“Look, I have always believed that we are at our best here when we are debating ideas, and that is what this is all about. It is about having two ears and one mouth, and using them in that proportion. So I am really looking forward to what this task force produces. I want to again thank Chairman Bishop for his leadership, and thank you all for being here today.”


Speaker and Democratic Leader Announce Task Force on Intergovernmental Affairs

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Excerpts from Speaker Ryan’s First Major Tax Reform Speech

WASHINGTON—Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will deliver his first major speech on tax reform at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) 2017 Manufacturing Summit. The following are excerpts from the address, which will be live-streamed on and at 12:45pm ET:

On a more confident America

“We want an America where people are confident we can withstand any challenge, and emerge even stronger. This, to me, is the great task before us. Because these are anxious times. We all feel it. It is not something we often think about in the rush of our daily lives, but we are being tested. Our capacity to come together and to always move forward toward a better, stronger nation is being tested.”

On the importance of this moment

“So in just five months, we have made some real progress getting government out of your way. And your support has been a big reason why. Thank you. But once in a generation or so, there is an opportunity to do something transformational—something that will have a truly lasting impact long after we are gone. That moment is here and we are going to meet it. We are going to fix this nation’s tax code once and for all.”

On the need for individual AND business reform

“Finally—and most importantly—we will use the savings from eliminating these loopholes to lower tax rates. Let me say that again: We are going to cut taxes. But if we are going to truly fix our tax code, we have to fix all of it—both for individuals and businesses. Why? Because this will create jobs. That is what this is all about: jobs, jobs, jobs. Good, high-paying jobs.”

On keeping jobs here in America

“We are actually unique in the world in the way we discourage capital from coming back to America and how we incentivize off-shoring jobs. This is not the kind of exceptionalism we should aspire to. Today, U.S. companies are leaving to become foreign companies. It should be the other way around. We want foreign companies to become U.S. companies. We must think differently, so that once again we make things here and export them around the world. There are a number of ways to achieve this—we in the House have our own idea—and that is one of the things that we are discussing with the administration. But the bottom line here is this: We cannot accept a system that perpetuates the drain of American businesses overseas.”

On the need for permanence

“There is one last piece to this puzzle, and it goes back to the idea that all of this is about looking down the road, and planning for the future. These reforms—these tax cuts—they need to be permanent. Every expert agrees that temporary reforms will only have a negligible impact on wages and economic growth. Businesses need to have confidence that we will not pull the rug out from under them. They need the certainty from permanent tax cuts to hire more workers, invest in their businesses, and plan for the future.”

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Four Things Before Today’s Tax Reform Speech

A little while from now, at about 12:45 pm ET, Speaker Ryan will make his first major speech on tax reform and how critical it is for creating jobs, growing our economy, and building a Confident America. Here are more details on how you can watch the speech.

Earlier, Speaker Ryan appeared on FOX News’ America’s Newsroom to preview the speech, talking to Bill Hemmer about four ways pro-growth tax reform is good for the country:

A confident America

“We have to do tax reform in 2017 if we’re going to get a confident America and if we’ll rebuild our country’s resilience and get the economy we need so people can get good-paying jobs that are careers and get this growth rate up.”

To make it simpler to pay your taxes

“Tax reform is really important. Look, hardworking taxpayers in America deserve a break. They don’t want a tax code working for the tax collectors. They want a tax code that is simplified and makes it easier for taxpayers to comply with.”

To create jobs, increase wages, and grow the economy

“We’re pushing businesses overseas. We’re telling U.S. companies, ‘stay overseas and if you make something overseas and make money there keep it there.’ That’s crazy. We need to make it so that companies can be successful on a worldwide basis and bring those dollars back home. .. We want to clean up the tax code. We really believe tax reform, getting our rates down so they’re competitive globally, is the key to economic growth. What our goal here is: higher take home pay, more jobs, faster economic growth. You can’t get that without tax reform. That’s why we’re really serious about getting on with tax reform.”

To make America once again the greatest place in the world to do business

“We haven’t done this since 1986. The rest of the world has passed us by, and now we have one of the worst tax systems in the industrial world in this 21st-century global economy. Our tax rate on corporations is 35%. Our top tax rate on successful small businesses, it’s as high as 44.6%. The average tax rate of businesses around the world is 22.5%. In Canada, it’s 15%. In Ireland, it’s 12.5%, England ‘s going to 18%. China is at 25 and going down. And we are taxing American businesses 35 to 45%. It’s ridiculous, it’s costing us competitiveness, it’s costing us jobs.  . . . This is holding us back and we know we need to clean up the tax code. Streamline the IRS. Make the system simple for families and small businesses. And make us more competitive globally so we can have faster economic growth.”

Tax Reform: More Jobs, Higher Wages, and Renewed Confidence

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