Another Busy Week in the House: Speaker Ryan’s Weekly Press Conference

Summary: Today at his weekly press briefing, Speaker Ryan outlined the progress the House has made this week on the problems Americans face in their daily lives.

Opening statement:

“Well this is another busy week as we continue to make progress on our agenda for the American people. Today, the House continues to act on legislation to make sure that our law enforcement agencies have the support and the tools that they need to keep us safe.  This week, of course, coincides with National Police Week, when we honor the sacrifices made by our police and their families.

“Yesterday, the House acted on a new round of sanctions against the Syrian regime, in order to cut off resources to Assad’s war machine.

“Also this week, the House approved landmark federal IT reform legislation that will reduce wasteful spending and enhance the government’s information security. Will Hurd has really taken the lead on this. And he’s trying to bring our government into the era of cloud computing, and this is a big, big mark forward and bipartisan progress in getting waste out of government.

“As we speak, the Ways and Means Committee is holding a major hearing today on examining pro-growth tax reform. Pro-growth means just that: growth of wages, growth of jobs, growth of opportunity, and growth of our economy.

“Also this week, the Education and the Workforce Committee unanimously approved bipartisan legislation to improve career and technical education. This will make it easier to connect people with the skills they need to get good-paying, in-demand jobs.  I’ve got to tell you, wherever I go—just in Wisconsin last week—we have a real skills gap between the skills people need to get good jobs and the good jobs that are out there being offered. This is something that we really have to address, and I’m very pleased that the Education and the Workforce Committee is moving forward on this legislation.

“Later today, Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry will unveil the third installment in his effort to streamline the Pentagon’s bureaucracy and improve the way that we develop weapons systems. This is an essential part of our efforts to rebuild our military for the 21st century.

“Ahead of Memorial Day, the Veterans Affairs Committee has approved 11 bills, including bipartisan legislation to fix the VA’s broken appeals process. This is a problem that we have been working on tackling for years. And under Secretary Shulkin, the VA is already taking real strides to get our veterans better care, shorter lines, and more peace of mind.

“Over in the Senate, our colleagues continue to discuss the path forward on keeping our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“And lastly, yesterday the president signed the 14th Congressional Review Act resolution to stop President Obama’s last regulatory onslaught that he did last year. Up until this year, Congress had successfully just repealed one regulation under this law. Now, just this year already, we have done it 14 times in a matter of months. We have much more to do to end Washington’s culture of overreach and overregulation. But this is a big promise kept as we work to protect jobs and to grow our economy.

“I know it’s a long list, it is by no means complete. But every day here, we are working to advance our agenda and to address the problems that Americans face in their everyday lives.”

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