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Innovative Designs, Inc. (IVDN: OTCQB) | OTCQB Certification

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Teen who pushed girl off bridge pleads guilty to misdemeanor

A teenager accused of injuring her 16-year-old friend by pushing her off a 60-foot bridge in southwestern Washington in August pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

Taylor Smith appeared in Clark County District Court, where a state prosecutor recommended no jail time. She will be sentenced on March 27.

Smith pushed Jordan Holgerson off the Moulton Falls Regional Park bridge northeast of Vancouver on Aug. 7. Holgerson suffered six broken ribs and punctured lungs.

Smith, 19, was charged with one count of reckless endangermentabout a week and a half after the incident, a misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

She pleaded not guilty in December. Last month, Smith was offered a plea deal, the details of which were not shared in court.

The 10-second video clip of the incident captured on a cellphone went viral.

Holgerson initially planned to jump off the bridge into a river about 60 feet below, but has said she changed her mind.

She said in a recent interview on NBC’s “Today” that while she was looking forward to Smith being sentenced, she was uncertain what punishment Smith should face.

“Some days, I kind of want her to be put in jail,” Holgerson said. “And some days, I think that might be too harsh.”

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Blue Ridge Real Estate Co. (BRRE: Pink Current) | Quarterly Report

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Rhino Novi, Inc. (RNOV: Pink Current) | Annual Report

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Youngest mosque victim liked playing with iPad, soccer ball

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) — He spent just three years on this earth, but in some ways, a friend said, he seemed like an old soul. Before he became the youngest known victim of Christchurch’s mass shooting, 3-year-old Mucaad Ibrahim had possessed intelligence beyond his years, and an affinity for his elders.

But on Friday, when a gunman stormed into the mosque where Mucaad was sitting with his big brother and father, it was Mucaad’s youth that left him so vulnerable. In the chaos that ensued as people fled from the bullets, the tiny boy became separated from his family. On Sunday, his brother Abdi Ibrahim said that police had confirmed the worst: Their beloved little boy was dead.

Each of the 50 lives lost in Friday’s senseless barrage of violence at the hands of a white supremacist has left an aching wound across this close-knit city. But the death of Mucaad, with his big brown eyes and sweet smile, has pierced with particular ferocity.

“He’s been loved by the community here,” said Ahmed Osman, a close family friend. “It’s been tough days. It’s been really tough days.”

Mucaad was a joyful, energetic child who always seemed to be laughing, Abdi said. And he was bright, with an affinity for technology. His toy of choice was an iPad.

The toddler impressed Osman with his intelligence. Mucaad seemed to particularly enjoy talking to older people, he said.

“He was very approachable,” Osman said. “He is easygoing to talk to.”

Nearly every Friday at 6 p.m., Mucaad would go to the park not far from the mosque where his life would ultimately end. There, he would watch Abdi play soccer with Osman and their friends. The toddler would stand on the sidelines cheering them, and kicking a ball of his own along the grass, Osman recalled with a smile.

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Mucaad had planned to go to the park, as usual, on Friday evening. He would never get the chance.

That afternoon, he joined Abdi and their father at the Al Noor mosque for Friday prayers. Mucaad was sitting just in front of Abdi, listening to the imam, when a thunder of bullets shattered the peace.

Everyone began to run. Abdi thought his father had Mucaad. In the rush and the crush of people, the trio became separated.

That was the last time Abdi saw his baby brother. After an agonizing search by the family, police confirmed that Mucaad was dead, Abdi said.

On Sunday, Abdi waited at Christchurch’s airport for the arrival of another one of his brothers, Abdifatah Ibrahim, who had been overseas when the massacre occurred. The shooting, Abdi said, still felt like a terrible dream.

“My mum, she’s been struggling,” Abdi said. “Every time she sees other people crying, emotional, she just collapses.”

A few minutes later, Abdifatah emerged through the arrivals gate. He and Abdi wrapped their arms around each other in a tight embrace. And then they went to wait for the release of their little brother’s body so they could lay him to rest, a life ended before it had barely begun.

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Spectacular Solar Inc. (SPSO: Pink Limited) | Annual Report

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NCAA tournament bracket revealed: ACC earns three No. 1 seeds

March Madness is here. The reveal of the 2019 NCAA tournament bracket is complete. And the big winner of Selection Sunday? The ACC.

The Duke Blue Devils, Virginia Cavaliers and North Carolina Tar Heels earned the top overall seeds. Duke, who lost just twice all season with a healthy Zion Williamson, snatched the No. 1 overall seed from Virginia with its ACC tournament title.

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On the bubble, Belmont, Temple, Arizona State and St. John’s got in. Indiana and Texas were among those left out.

Below is the entire bracket. The Final Four will pit the winner of the East Region vs. the winner of the South Region, and the winner of the South vs. the winner of the Midwest.

East, South and Midwest Regions. This page will be updated with the full bracket after the West is unveiled.

East Region (top left)

No. 1 Duke vs. No. 16 North Carolina Central/North Dakota State

No. 8 VCU vs. No. 9 UCF

No. 5 Mississippi State vs. No. 12 Liberty

No. 4 Virginia Tech vs. No. 13 Saint Louis

No. 6 Maryland vs. No. 11 Belmont/Temple

No. 3 LSU vs. No. 14 Yale

No. 7 Louisville vs. No. 10 Minnesota

No. 2 Michigan State vs. No. 15 Bradley

South Region (top right)

No. 1 Virginia vs. No. 16 Gardner-Webb

No. 8 Ole Miss vs. No. 9 Oklahoma

No. 5 Wisconsin vs. No. 12 Oregon

No. 4 Kansas State vs. No. 13 UC Irvine

No. 6 Villanova vs. No. 11 Saint Mary’s

No. 3 Purdue vs. No. 14 Old Dominion

No. 7 Cincinnati vs. No. 10 Iowa

No. 2 Tennessee vs. No. 15 Colgate

Midwest Region (bottom right)

No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 16 Iona

No. 8 Utah State vs. No. 9 Washington

No. 5 Auburn vs. No. 12 New Mexico State

No. 4 Kansas vs. No. 13 Northeastern

No. 6 Iowa State vs. No. 11 Ohio State

No. 3 Houston vs. No. 14 Georgia State

No. 7 Wofford vs. No. 10 Seton Hall

No. 2 Kentucky vs. No. 15 Abilene Christian

West Region (bottom left)

No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 16 Fairleigh Dickinson/Prairie View AM

No. 8 Syracuse vs. No. 9 Baylor

No. 5 Marquette vs. No. 12 Murray State

No. 4 Florida State vs. No. 13 Vermont

No. 6 Buffalo vs. No. 11 Arizona State/St. John’s

No. 3 Texas Tech vs. No. 14 Northern Kentucky

No. 7 Nevada vs. No. 10 Florida

No. 2 Michigan vs. No. 15 Montana

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Briacell Therapeutics Corp. (BCTXF: OTCQB) | OTCQB Certification

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Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. (TPII: Pink Current) | Annual Report

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Kendall Jenner’s Formawell blowdryer is finally on sale

Kylie and Kim may be the queens of the makeup industry with their mega-successful companies, but Kendall Jenner’s latest collaboration of haircare tools has been making waves. 

Formawell beauty teamed up with super model to debut a line of runway inspired hair tools at an affordable price range. Not to mention, the rose gold and white design is totally chic!

Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner Ionic Blow Dryer

“It’s packed with dual heat and airflow controls that create a proprietary rare mineral blend that delivers next-level runway style and gives your hair a shine you’ve never seen before. Best yet, it arrives in a lightweight one pound frame and leaves your hair frizz and static free.”

Originally retailing for $120, you can now score the iconic blow dryer for just $65 for a limited time above. Major steal! has partnered with Joyus to bring you the best deals on some of our favorite products.  

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