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Top Producer Pro Tips: Northeast Notables

Who is someone in your life, personally or professionally, who helps contribute to your success?

My assistant, Tanner Johnson. His weaknesses are my strengths, and my weaknesses are his strengths. It works really well. We’ve learned from each other. We think of unique solutions to get deals done. I’ll be thinking of one solution and he comes up with a solution I haven’t even been thinking about.

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Top Producer Pro Tips: Best of the West

Tell us about your most creative or successful marketing strategy.

We hit a spot where our direct mail campaigns were not producing the results we needed, so I researched, tested, and executed an e-mail campaign. The year I did that, I became our company’s No. 1 producer.

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CMBS Delinquencies Fall in April: Trepp









The commercial mortgage-backed security loan delinquency rate dropped slightly in April, according to analytics and technology firm Trepp.

There was a one-basis-point decrease from March to 5.57%, according to the Trepp’s U.S. CMBS Delinquency Report. The rate is nonetheless significantly lower than a year ago, when it was 87 basis points higher.

Furthermore, Trepp’s report found that CMBS included $29.5 billion in delinquent loans in April, of which $1.35 billion were newly delinquent. Meanwhile, $600 million of CMBS loans were previously delinquent but paid off at par or with a loss, while $700 million in loans were cured.

The friction between cured or paid-off loans and newly delinquent loans was expected to keep the rate level, Trepp research associate Joe McBride said in the May 4 release.

“Special servicers have slowed the pace of resolutions slightly, keeping the rate from dropping as quickly as it had a year ago,” McBride said. “New issuance will have to be the main driver of further rate decreases going forward.”

The report also found that the rate of seriously delinquent loans rose 3 basis points to 5.44% from March, while multifamily properties had the highest delinquency rate at 8.92%.

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