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Hackers: emails uncover ties between Kremlin, Ukraine rebels

Surkov, who is underneath Western sanctions for his purpose in a Ukraine crisis, has conducted negotiations with high-ranking U.S. officials over Ukraine and, progressing this month, accompanied Putin to Berlin for talks with leaders of Germany and France. A longtime associate of Putin, Surkov had been a pivotal designer of a Kremlin’s domestic politics.

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Mass criticism in Venezuela perfectionist finish of ‘dictatorship’

Despite a predicament retaining a country, a criticism had a generally light, carnival-like atmosphere, with immature people personification instruments, and sitting causally on a city’s categorical highway. One tyro protester dressed as Lady Justice, with a scale and white blindfold.

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The Latest: Duke picked to win ACC

Syracuse was fifth followed by N.C. State, Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech and Boston College.

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