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Todd Jones: A plain choice for ATF director

Tomorrow a Senate is approaching to opinion on Todd Jones’s assignment for executive of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). If you’re an OFA believer who cares about shortening gun assault (and there are a lot of you) we should know because President Obama nominated Jones for a job, and because it matters.

Jones is a former U.S. Marine commander and U.S. attorney. He’s been portion as behaving executive of a ATF given 2011, focusing on impediment and team-work with those on a frontline—including state and sovereign law coercion as good as victims’ rights advocates.

But it’s not only that Jones is a plain choice for for a job—the ATF’s critical goal is being hampered by a miss of permanent leadership. The ATF is charged with safeguarding a communities from aroused criminals and crime, including gun violence. It helps internal law coercion to snippet guns found during crime scenes and clamps down on gun traffickers—but a ATF has left but a Senate-confirmed executive for 7 years.

This isn’t a kind of group that should be but an gifted executive during a helm. Gun assault impediment stays one of a tip hurdles confronting a country, and a ATF will be stronger and some-more effective in interlude guns from alighting in a hands of criminals with Jones as a director.

Jones’s assignment was sent to a Senate 6 months ago. Contact your senators currently around a Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121. Tell them it’s time to give a ATF a strong, fast care it needs to strengthen a communities from gun assault and dangerous crime.

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Watch: President Obama during a Action Aug summit

On Monday, Jul 22, President Obama spoke to a room full of OFA supporters. Watch a President’s speech:

This August, we can make a absolute difference. While members of association are home on recess, we’ll be holding Action August events and creation the voices listened for change. Get concerned now.

Commit to Action August

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A meridian change residence celebration gets a warn visitor

Earlier this month, we hosted an OFA meridian change residence celebration during my home in Portland, Oregon, where 25 volunteers and endangered adults came together to hear from a special guest: U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley.

Sen Merkley supports President Obama’s devise to take movement to strengthen America from a effects of meridian change, and he quoted a President: “What we need in this quarrel are adults who will mount up, pronounce up, and enforce us to do what this impulse demands.” He reminded us that gridlock in Congress means that volunteers like us have a avocation to pierce a review about meridian change forward.

It was an ominous event, though it was also only a beginning. During a congressional recess in August, we’re going to move this discuss to a representatives’ offices and city halls. As partial of Action August, we’ve designed events trimming from phone banks and parades to flyering to pull courtesy to a emanate of meridian change and jump-start a review in a community.

Find out what’s going on in your state during Action August, or devise your possess event. Get concerned today.

I’m in

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OFA fellows are dismissed adult and prepared for we to join them

Organizing for Action is looking for ardent new leaders who are meddlesome in rebellious a country’s large issues for a OFA Fall Fellowship program. This three-month proffer module is categorically designed to sight a subsequent era of OFA leaders—if that sounds like you, we can apply today.

Fall Fellows will be operative on critical issues inspiring a country—from safeguarding Obamacare, to combating meridian change, to flitting extensive immigration reform, Fellows do work that matters each singular day.

Want to know more? Check out what a many new turn of summer Fellows have to contend about their experiences:

“While participating in events that are assisting to pierce a nation forward, we have been training press, warranted media, and fundraising from a best of a best… This brotherhood has altered my life. we am truly grateful to be a summer Fellow with Organizing For Action.” —Trina Longacre, NC

“It’s been a good time with a brotherhood so far… we orderly a press discussion in front of Congressman Connolly’s Fairfax bureau with a organisation of OFA volunteers and we thanked him for ancillary extensive immigration reform. The congressman came out and gave an fortifying debate about a American Dream and a need for immigration reform, and happily took cinema with everyone. It was an energizing impulse for a group!” —Kimberly Woods, VA

“I have been operative a lot with my section (OFA Chicago North) in assisting devise events, compelling events around amicable media (I am a digital fellow), and behaving as a orator during several events… One eventuality that we am generally unapproachable of is a press discussion outward of Congressman Dan Lipinski’s bureau on Monday, Jul 1. About 15 people collected outward of Lipinski’s bureau to make a voices heard… Two internal press outlets attended a eventuality and published journal articles about a press conference.” — Agnes Iodan, IL

Applications are due by Aug 2, though a module fills on a rolling basement — so don’t wait! Apply today.


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We have news

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OFA volunteers #TakeItToTheHouse for immigration reform

Two weeks ago, a U.S. Senate hold a bipartisan opinion to pass a extensive immigration remodel bill. Now OFA volunteers are putting vigour on a House of Representatives to step adult and do a same.

Supporters opposite a nation were out in force this week, propelling their member to pierce immigration remodel forward. In expectation of yesterday’s House Republican Caucus assembly with Speaker John Boehner, they were out in their communities creation their voices heard.

[View a story “Take it to a House” on Storify]

  • Volunteers in Colorado ran a phone bank to speak one-on-one to a village about a significance of immigration reform.

  • An intersection in East Los Angeles, California was remade into a Honk for Immigration Reform rally.

  • Organizers in Ohio collected outward Speaker Boehner’s bureau to uncover their support for comprehensive, merciful reform.

  • OFA volunteers in New Jersey met with their Congressman, Rep. Chris Smith, to titillate him to support immigration reform.

  • OFA Missouri organizers in St. Louis leafletted their internal tiny businesses.

This quarrel isn’t over yet. Following a House Republicans’ meeting, OFA volunteers are dynamic to keep adult a vigour and make remodel a reality. Until there is a extensive immigration remodel check headed to President Obama’s desk, a work continues. Say you’ll join a fight.


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In a news: OFA volunteers convene national for immigration reform

The quarrel for immigration remodel is on a approach by a House, and OFA volunteers are during a forefront of efforts to get it passed. Yesterday, folks in Latino neighborhoods hold village movement events to ratchet adult a vigour on their lawmakers.

OFA events perceived copiousness of courtesy from internal media:

Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, IA)

Volunteers rallied in front of Rep. Steve King’s bureau to support extensive immigration remodel and titillate him not to mount in a approach of a American Dream.

WHIO TV (Dayton, OH)
Leaders with a nonprofit Organizing for Action told those collected that Speaker Boehner needs to make extensive immigration remodel a priority.

“We need a pathway to citizenship and need other aspects in a Senate’s legislation. We do need limit security, we need to streamline this ineffectual immigration routine we have now,” pronounced Dominic Lijoi, coordinator for Organizing for Action.

Brittany Bramell, a mouthpiece for Boehner, pronounced aides have forwarded constituents’ concerns about immigration remodel to Speaker Boehner.

WCPO TV (Cincinnati, OH)

Dozens of [Organizing for Action] protesters rallied Monday outward House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) bureau in West Chester to pull for immigration reform.

Members of a organisation pronounced they wish a House to pass immigration remodel identical to a bi-partisan check upheld in a Senate. In a 68-32 vote, a Senate authorized a 1,200-page check to re-vamp immigration laws.

An OFA news recover says a check would strengthen limit security, moment down on employers who sinecure undocumented workers while strengthening a economy.

“I know that they have to go by their routine that is a approved way. But we’ve already seen that we have an settle recently in a parliament that was bipartisan,” pronounced Dominic Lijoi.

Lijoi says that he hopes Boehner will navigate by a House to a check upheld since it’s a right thing to do.

The Fresno Bee (Fresno, CA)

This is what Olga Solorio has striven for to assistance her students. She is a proffer with Organizing for Action—the organisation that orderly Monday’s news conference—and a clergyman during Annie R. Mitchell Elementary School in Visalia.

Solorio pronounced she told a mom of one of her second-grade students how splendid a child was, and how a lady had a intensity to some day go to college.

The child’s mom pronounced college isn’t an choice since she is not a citizen, and her daughter will grow adult to work in a fields.

“That only pennyless my heart since we could see a intensity in this small girl,” Solorio said.

Solorio pronounced that child was only one instance of students who can’t get financial assist or who face other barriers since of their residency status.

It’s not too late to chuck your support behind immigration remodel and keep this movement going into a House. Add your name today.

Add your name

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Taking it to a House

OFA supporters are promulgation a transparent summary to lawmakers: If we mount in a approach of immigration reform, your village will reason we accountable.

After final week’s ancestral 68-32 Senate opinion to pass extensive immigration reform, internal OFA chapters around a nation got bustling thanking senators who stood adult for reform, job out senators who voted “no” and job on members in a House to take a baton.

Folks in pivotal districts handed out thousands of flyers in English and Spanish, display accurately that senators stood in a approach of remodel and seeking people to call their member in a House to uncover their support.

Here’s a ambience of a movement over a weekend:

Milwaukee, WI
Volunteers handed out flyers in a Latino community, vouchsafing people know where Senator Johnson stands.

Columbus, OH
Volunteers handed out flyers to reason Sen. Portman accountable and let Speaker Boehner know Ohio supports extensive immigration reform.

Philadelphia, PA
OFA-PA volunteers strike a streets to reason Senator Toomey accountable for his vote.

Reno, NV
A internal marketplace in Reno put flyers in any customer’s bag, propelling them to hit their member in support of reform.

Dallas, TX
Volunteers opposite a Lone Star State let people know that their senators stood in a approach of reform.

Want to join get in on a movement where we live? Sign adult today.

Join a action

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A vital step for immigration reform

The Senate did a right thing yesterday. A bipartisan infancy of Democrats and Republicans—68 in all—seized this event to repair a damaged immigration complement and voted to pass extensive reform.

To a 68 senators who had a bravery to opinion “aye,” appreciate you. You know that we are a republic of immigrants and a policies should simulate that.

And many of all, appreciate we to a OFA volunteers who fought so tough to make this happen. Those senators didn’t make their decisions alone—they had a voice of a American people in their ear, propelling them to do a right thing.

OFA chapters have been bustling laying a grounds for this ancestral opinion for months now, holding some-more than 1,200 events opposite a country. On Tuesday alone, volunteers during 115 opposite phone banks finished 18,000 calls to both English- and Spanish-speaking Americans, propelling them to call their senators in support of immigration reform.

That’s accurately a kind of loyalty we need to lift this opposite a finish line, since a genuine quarrel is only removing started.

Passing this check by a House of Representatives is going to be an ascending climb. If we wish to get this done, we need each singular chairman who cares about immigration remodel to double down right now.

Congrats on a large feat yesterday. Now let’s get behind to work and make history.


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Upheld, one year ago today


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