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DEC. 19: Speaker Ryan to Deliver Farewell Address at Library of Congress

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Congress Passes Sexual Harassment Reform

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Speaker Ryan Statement on Farm Bill Passage

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Speaker Ryan Statement on Farm Bill Conference Report

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Speaker Ryan Welcomes Progress on Criminal Justice Reform Legislation

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Speaker Ryan Calls for Farm Bill Passage at Leadership Press Conference

Summary: This morning at the House Republican leadership press conference, Speaker Ryan discussed how we can build on recent economic progress by passing the farm bill conference report, which includes reforms to the integrity of federal benefits programs to encourage work. 

Opening Statement:

“We’re coming up on one year since the tax reform bill was made into law.

“In that time, we have seen unemployment hit record lows, we have seen economic confidence hit record highs.

“Millions of jobs have been created. Businesses have upped their investments.

“Workers have seen bigger paychecks, workers have seen bonuses, they’ve seen better benefits.

“Now we have another chance to build on this progress.

“Just yesterday it was reported that there are more than seven million open jobs right now. Seven million jobs, open for Americans to take.

“There are so many opportunities, but too few people able to take advantage of them.

“Now we have a chance to help people off of the sidelines, get the right skills, and get into the workforce.

“It’s a perfect time to get people out of poverty, into lives of self-sufficiency, into good-paying jobs and careers.

“The House and the Senate reached an agreement on the final farm bill.

“This bill strengthens work requirements and boosts work supports, so that more people are spurred toward opportunities.

“I want to thank Secretary Perdue for his lead on this issue. He spoke to us today in our conference. This bill ensures that he can do his part on workforce development.

“I want to thank Chairman Conaway, and all the members of the House Agriculture Committee, for their commitment to getting this across the finish line.

“This farm bill delivers on the certainty and support that our farmers need.

“And this bill includes very important forestry management reforms that are important to guard our communities against health risks like wildfires.

“So, this is an effort that is a great step in the right direction.

“It will help us get people out of poverty, into careers, into skills, and this is something we should be passing and putting on the president’s desk momentarily.”

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Speaker Ryan Thanks General John Kelly For His Service

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House Leaders Present McCormack Award to Hugh Halpern, Bernie Raimo, and Austin Smythe

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Speaker Ryan Applauds Nauert U.N. Nomination

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The 2018 Capitol Christmas Tree

WASHINGTON—This evening, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) participated in the annual Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the West Front Lawn. He was joined in lighting the 80-foot Noble Fir from the Willamette National Forest by 9-year-old Oregonian Brigette Harrington, who earned the role by winning a poem contest. The tree will be lit from nightfall until 11 p.m. each evening through January 1, 2019.

Below are the speaker’s remarks as prepared for delivery:

“What a beautiful tree.

“What a beautiful occasion.

“I want to thank everyone who had a hand in pulling all of this together.

“I know it is no small task, especially when the tree comes all the way from Oregon.

“I want to thank my colleagues in the Oregon delegation: Earl Blumenauer, Suzanne Bonamici, Kurt Schrader, and Greg Walden. And especially Peter DeFazio, for sharing a piece of his district with us.

“This is my fourth and final time leading this event and each time the tree is more stunning.

“I will say though, we have some pretty nice trees in Wisconsin, too… keep that in mind one of these years.

“But this beautiful noble fir made a long journey, stopping in communities all across the country, so that people could share in this wonderful tradition.

“What a tremendous way to come together.

“This week, our nation mourns the loss of a giant.

“And while his loss is a great sorrow, George H.W. Bush was also a beacon of joy.

“A few days after one of his granddaughters was born, President Bush wrote her a letter.

“He ends the letter by saying how you can do all these incredible things in life, but ‘even with all that,’ he writes, ‘what counts is family and love.’

“Now, he didn’t necessarily write that about Christmas, but is there anything that better captures its spirit…its light?

“We celebrate Christmas year after year and somehow it never becomes less special.

“A season dedicated to wonder and faith.

“We take our joy at the birth of a savior, heralded by angels, and we spread that joy to those in our lives.

“We could all use a little more of that.

“Sometimes, our best blessings are hidden.

“My favorite Christmas movie is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ It captures this idea so well.

“I watch it every year. It’s in black-and-white, so part of the tradition involves trying to convince my kids to watch it with me.

“In the movie, George Bailey despairs he has fallen short in life. He goes so far as to imagine the world would be better off without him.

“Only when an angel comes to him and reveals how much he is loved, how much he is worth—only then does he realize that he truly has a wonderful life.

“We all have angels in our own lives who remind us of our blessings.

“There is so much good, so much joy, so much compassion around us, and we simply fail to see it.

“It’s there, but hidden.

“All it needs is just a few points of light. 

“So in a moment, we will light this tree.

“We always try to bring in an expert to help us out with this.

“This year, it’s Brigette Harrington from Hillsboro.

“Brigette won a contest with her poem about Oregon’s outdoors and what they mean to her.

“I’ve asked her to share a few lines.”

“Now, it’s time for us to light this tree. Brigette, let’s give them a countdown… five…”

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