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How to easily convert a single database or all databases from MyISAM storage engine to InnoDB storage engine

InnoDB is a more robust engine and a better database table type for modern applications.  Using InnoDB will increase your sites performance, speed, and they will have better chances to survive most database hiccups that can occur

The steps below will allow you to update “Individual” or “ALL” existing database installations using the MyISAM storage engine to the InnoDB storage engine.


You’ll need the following in order to convert your databases:

1. The current version of phpMyAdmin or an SSH client

2. A database version that supports full text indexes for InnoDB table types

I will show you three different processes to convert your database(s).

Processes Used Below:

1. Using phpMyAdmin to convert a single database from using MyISAM engine to InnoDB engine

2. Using phpMyAdmin to convert all databases from using MyISAM engine to InnoDB engine

3. “easiest” Using SSH to convert all databases from using MyISAM engine to InnoDB engine

Single Database Conversion From MyISAM to InnoDB using phpMyAdmin:

1. Backup Your Database “Just in case”

2. Launch phpMyAdmin. You must explicitly click on the name of your database in the top of the left column. There are sometimes multiple databases, so make sure you are clicking the correct database. “Do not click on the one labelled information_schema.”

3. Click the Query tab

4. In the query box, paste the following code replacing “your-db-name” with your actual DB name and press the submit query button, this will pull up a list of tables that need to alter to InnoDB.




AND table_schema = ‘your-db-name’;

5. Select dropdown to show 500 rows and then Click the “+Options” link above the results, choose the “Full texts” option, and press the “Go” button in the shaded area at the lower right

6. Select the “Show all” checkbox

7. Copy all the queries using the “Copy to clipboard” link in the “Query results operations” box below the results

8. Paste the result into a text editor to see the full output and copy all the lines STARTING with “ALTER TABLE” to your clipboard, they will look like the example below


ALTER TABLE wp_commentmeta ENGINE=InnoDB;          

ALTER TABLE wp_comments ENGINE=InnoDB;   


9. Click the SQL tab above the results, make sure you are still in the database you were working with

10. Paste the ALTER TABLE statements into the textarea and press the “Go” button in the lower right shaded area, there will be a pause, depending on how many tables are getting converted, it can take a few minutes to complete

To confirm your database was successfully converted, click your database name in the left column, and all table types should now say InnoDB.

All Database Conversion From MyISAM to InnoDB using phpMyAdmin:

1. Backup Your Database(s) “Just in case”

2. Launch phpMyAdmin. You will see all your databases on the left, you are in the main phpMyAdmin section.  Instead of seeing a query tab, you will see an SQL tab.

3. Click the SQL tab

4. In the SQL box, paste the following code and press the “Go” button in the lower right, this will pull up a list of all the databases and their tables that need to be altered to InnoDB.


FROM information_schema.TABLES


AND TABLE_SCHEMA NOT IN(‘mysql’,’information_schema’,’performance_schema’)

5. Select dropdown to show 500 rows and then Click the “+Options” link above the results, choose the “Full texts” option, and press the “Go” button in the shaded area at the lower right

**IMPORTANT** Due to the number of databases and tables, you will have to repeat steps 1-10 till step 4 produces 0 results other than the mysql database results as they will not be converted due to permissions.

6. Select the “Show all” checkbox

7. Copy all the output results which will look similar to the results produced using the above single database query output but have the database.table instead of just the table

8. Paste the result into a text editor to see the full output and copy all the lines STARTING with “ALTER TABLE” to your clipboard, they will look like the example below.

In this example, since you are doing an SQL query on all your databases, the ALTER TABLE strings will look slightly different

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_commentmeta ENGINE=InnoDB;            

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_comments ENGINE=InnoDB;    

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_links ENGINE=InnoDB;

If in your text editor you notice the output has spaces between some query’s, remove the spaces

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_commentmeta ENGINE=InnoDB;            

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_comments ENGINE=InnoDB;

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_links ENGINE=InnoDB;

Should look like

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_commentmeta ENGINE=InnoDB;            

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_comments ENGINE=InnoDB;    

ALTER TABLE user_database.wp_links ENGINE=InnoDB;

9. Again, Click the SQL tab above the results

10. Paste the ALTER TABLE statements into the textarea and press the “Go” button in the lower right shaded area, there will be a pause, depending on how many databases and tables are getting converted, it can take a few minutes to complete

To confirm all your databases were successfully converted other than the mysql database, click eack of your database names in the left column, and all table types should now say InnoDB except for some tables in the mysql database.

All Database Conversion From MyISAM to InnoDB using an SSH client:


user: root

Root Password: password

[root@server ~]#

“You will need your MySQL password for step #3” “If you know your MySQL password, continue to step #3, if not, go to next step

On servers running cPanel, the root MySQL credentials are stored locally in a file that only the root user can access. You can open the file using an explorer client like WinSCP or by connecting to root via SSH like in step #1.

By running the command in #2 “cat /root/.my.cnf”, you can view the MySQL credentials

2. [root@server1 ~]# cat /root/.my.cnf

That should output a result containing the MySQL password, which will appear similar to the following:

[root@server1 ~]# cat /root/.my.cnf




Make a note of the current password that shows between the quotations on your output


[root@server1 ~]# mysql -u root -p

Enter password: “enter the password you received from step #2”

4. at the command line: mysql>




5. Press enter and all done if executed properly

This query will produce output similar to what’s below. Note this is just an example which will show output for all the databases and tables.




| alter table CHARACTER_SETS engine=INNODB;

| alter table COLLATIONS engine=INNODB;

| alter table COLUMN_PRIVILEGES engine=INNODB;

| alter table ENGINES engine=INNODB;

| alter table EVENTS engine=INNODB;


| alter table COLUMNS engine=INNODB;

| alter table FILES engine=INNODB;

| alter table GLOBAL_STATUS engine=INNODB;

| alter table GLOBAL_VARIABLES engine=INNODB;

| alter table KEY_COLUMN_USAGE engine=INNODB;

| alter table OPTIMIZER_TRACE engine=INNODB;

| alter table PARAMETERS engine=INNODB;

**NOTE** If you want to change engines of a specific database instead of all databases then execute the below query.


Press enter and all done if executed properly

I know this tutorial seems repetitive in some areas depending on your skill level. The tutorial was written to help even the unskilled succeed in the conversion.

If something was missed or you see an in accuracy, please let me know in the comments below. I wrote this tutorial while actually doing each step to ensure accuracy but could have a mistype.

Written by: Joe Lovrek

How to Get the One UI Beta on the S9 SM-G960U/U1 or the S9 Plus SM-G965U/U1 Snapdragon Unlocked US Phones

Though this is a simple process, it can also be tedious based on the various postings I have seen on how to obtain the update either through 1. OTA “Over The Air” which is the preferred way because you will get automatic updates when the updates come out, 2. Using ODIN or 3. Using ADP side load method.

When you have the Snapdragon US unlocked versions SM-G960U, SM-G960U1, SM-G965U, or SM-G965U1 the preferred way to get the update is using the Samsung + app or if you are overseas, its called the Samsung Members app.

As you read through the multiple blogs or step by step instructions, you notice that most of these online postings are either not detailed enough or simply just re postings of inaccurate information from bloggers who have literally ZERO Android or tech experience.  Samsung says and posts that they will only allow 100,000 in the program as they say on most beta releases however, if the beta is successful with few issues, they keep it open.  If you are one of the many people who have tried to get the update OTA, looked everywhere on their Samsung app for the beta signup, did factory resets and many other steps to get enrolled and haven’t been successful, you are probably thinking the beta is full, however, its been over its limit for a week now and that limit doesn’t matter.  Here are the exact steps you will need to do to sign up.

These steps are based on your phones having the installed firmware as noted: “To see what your firmware is updated to, Go to Settings–>About phone–>Software information and look under Baseband version”

S9 Plus SM-G965U1 is: G965U1UEU3ARJ2 or G965U1UES3ARJ6

S9 Plus SM-G965U firmware is: G965USQU3BRJ5 or G965USQU3BRJ6

S9 Plus SM-G960U1 is: G960U1UEU3ARJ2 or G960U1UEU3ARJ6

S9 SM-G960U firmware is G960USQU3BRJ5 or G960USQU3BRJ6


Though, I have seen these methods more successful on phones with firmware G965U1UEU3ARJ2 for the SM-G965U1 version, G965USQU3BRJ5 for the SM-G965U version, G960U1UEU3ARJ2 for the S9 SM-G960U1 version and G960USQU3BRJ5 for the S9 SM-G960U version, I have spoken to a few of my tech friends that actually got the update on their security patched J6 firmware, so if you have the J6 firmware and just cant get the update “OTA” I would use ODIN following the steps below to get your phone back to the stock firmware listed above that were more successful.

Ok, now to the good stuff.  The FIRST thing you want to do before ANYTHING is make sure you are signed in your Samsung account, next and VERY important, check to see if you are an actual BETA user for your Samsung + app or your Samsung Members app.  Being a BETA user on these apps are not the same as being a BETA user for the Samsung One UI program.  What I see most people doing wrong with the update is that they go to their Samsung + or Samsung Members app to see if they get notified of the Samsung One UI Beta program and have not even signed up to be a beta tester on the Samsung + or Samsung Members app first.  Yes, I know, there are a few that feel they didn’t sign up for to be a BETA app user and they still got the update but we will agree to disagree on this. Below is the instructions to do this if you don’t already know how to sign up in the Google Play Store.

**Sign up to beta test apps from within the Google Play Store**

Not all apps offer beta testing but if they do, all you need to do is head on over to its Play Store listing on your Android device. Once you’re there, it doesn’t matter if you have the app installed yet or not. Just scroll down to the very bottom of the listing until you spot a card offering you the opportunity to become a beta tester.

Next, all you need to tap on I’m in and then select the Join button, acknowledging that you know the app is in development and the app might become unstable in future updates. And that’s it! It usually takes several minutes for the enrollment process to take place in the background, but when you’re in, you will begin receiving beta updates whenever they become available. “Important” you will need to wait a minute or two in some cases to get notification to update the current app if already installed or to install the beta if not, “usually” you will see its the beta app as it somewhere on the download description.

**If for some reason you are having issues getting the beta test app, you can download the apk for the Samsung + beta app here, not sure if it works without signing up but you can give it a try: Click here to download the apk. “Samsung+ beta” Once you download the apk, you can try and install it and see if you get a notification to change security for installing unknown apps or do it manually by going to Settings–>Apps–>3 Dot menu (upper right corner)–>Special Access–>Install unknown apps–>Select App**

Once you sign up to be a beta tester on the Samsung + or Samsung Members app and install the beta app version, wait a few minutes, restart your phone and then go to Settings–>Software update–>manually download and not auto install, it will do a check and the new One UI Beta firmware update should be available.

If you don’t see a firmware update, wait a bit longer, you don’t want to rush this because any delayed internet connection, delayed server connection to your phone to verify the settings needed can cause the update not to show up immediately.

If these steps don’t seem to work, you will have to downgrade your firmware to the more successful firmware versions listed previously using ODIN, its not difficult.  You can do this easily by going to this link and following the steps in the post.

Download ODIN modified version, download your firmware, unzip both in their own folder on your desktop.  Make sure your phone is in developer mode just in case by going to Settings–>About phone–>Software information–>and click on Build number till it says developer mode, go back to settings, scroll down to Developer options, enable USB debugging and then right below that, turn off Verify apps over USB.  This isn’t always necessary, but I have found it relaxes your phones security and allows for easier updates.

Remember, make sure your phone is in download mode before trying to flash using ODIN, I see many people trying to flash before putting their phone in download mode and it will not work.

You can download the S9 SM-G960U1 firmware G960U1UEU3ARJ2 here:

You can download the S9 SM-G960U  firmware G960USQU3BRJ5 here:

Once you download and install the older firmware on your phone, restart without restoring old data or data backups for now, start the set up by logging into your google account, then log into your Samsung Account, stop all updates as that will just waste time for now and then start the process I outlined in red above, under “**Sign up to beta test apps from within the Google Play Store**”

This has worked for 90% of the people who follow these steps exactly and is the best way to get into the One UI Beta program and get OTA “Over The Air” updates so you don’t have to flash using ODIN each time a new One UI Beta update comes out.

I hope this helps the many that are plagued with issues trying to get in the One UI Beta program and explains why it wasn’t working before.




Black Ops 4 Edition Comparison

Black Ops 4 Editions


Black Ops 4 will be released October 12, 2018 and there is no real clear cut way to compare all the Edition offerings.  I have put together a list of editions and what each edition offers below.



Download PDF

Black Ops 4 Game Editions




Verizon Wireless Having Major Outage

Verizon Wireless Outage

Verizon Wireless is having major outage issues with sme of its wireless customers and is unable to resolve the issue timely.  Here is the outage map


Customers in this area are unable to make calls and or texts.  This issue started Sunday and continuously got worse till Tuesday when the network completely went down.

How to send an email to SMS or MMS

Although most everyone can access their email these days on their smartphone, there are still times when you would rather send an email message as a text for faster delivery. This works for when you want to email someone who doesn’t have a smartphone, or when you want to send a text from your computer.


If you have a short email that you want to send, but want it delivered to the person’s phone as a text message, you can use the email to SMS gateway system. You just need to know their phone number and service provider (carrier) so you can find the correct gateway address to use in forwarding your message. Here’s how you do it:


How To Send a Short Email as an SMS


  1. Log onto your email account and type out your email as usual on either your smartphone or computer.


  1. In the recipient box, rather than typing in an email address, enter the recipient’s 10-digit phone number.


  1. After you’ve entered the phone number you want to send the email to: “[Insert 10-digit number]”, tack on the correct “@gateway” address at the tail end of it and you are on your way to sending email to text. Just an FYI, not all large messages will go through vis SMS, so you will need to use the MMS gateway. Below is a list of some of the more commonly used service providers (carriers) in the United States along with their gateway addresses.
Carrier SMS gateway domain MMS gateway domain
Alltel [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
AT&T [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
Boost Mobile [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
Cricket Wireless [Insert 10-digit number]
MetroPCS [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
Project Fi [Insert 10-digit number]
Republic Wireless [Insert 10-digital number]
Sprint [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
T-Mobile [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
U.S. Cellular [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
Verizon [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]
Virgin Mobile [Insert 10-digit number] [Insert 10-digit number]

If your email is made up of more than 160 characters, you will need to use the Multimedia Message Service (MMS) to send it. Keep in mind that if the individual you’re messaging doesn’t in fact have Multimedia Messaging on their messaging plan, they won’t be able to get your message. Most carriers do have email to MMS gateway addresses as seen above in the table. So, if your message does have over 160 characters, just use their MMS gateway address rather than their SMS gateway address.




Cut at least $10 per month off your current cable bill for just $30 on Amazon

Some cable companies go the extra mile in making sure you know nothing about an ideal method of shaving a $100 or more off your Internet bills per annum. If you use a modem provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the company charges you a fee of $8 to $10 monthly to rent it. It is unknown to many that buying a personal cable modem and returning the rented cable from the ISP, is a complete termination of extra fee altogether. The D-Link DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, sold on Amazon is just $38.95. Yeah, that’s right — all you need to do is purchase a $39.95 box and save $100+ per annum.

See features from the product page:

  • The D-Link DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem is compatible with Comcast Xfinity, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cox, and more. Requires Cable Internet Service
  • Non-compatible with Verizon, CenturyLink, and AT&T,
  • Solely Cable Modem with no WiFi router**
  • Modem only. Router not included**
  • Highest upstream speeds: 30 Mbps (TDMA) / 35 Mbps (SCDMA) / up to 160 Mbps1

Highest downstream speeds: 30 Mbps (640QAM) / 43 Mbps (256QAM) / up to 320 Mbps across 8 channel bonding1.

  • Certified for popular US cable providers, Time Warner, Comcast and more


**If you prefer the modem option with a wireless router built in “For those who don’t have a router.” We strongly recommend the TP-Link N300 Cable Modem with Built in Router for only $69.98. You may feel these are steep prices, but I assure you, I have done all the shopping, and these were the lowest deals for both and will have you getting your return in just a few months.

Smartphone Manufacturers Will Do Away With The 3.5mm Jack

Mobile phones will slowly do away with the 3.5mm jack to replace with better tech.

Here are the true benefits of these changes, only engineers usually know and consumers really want the features the changes help with.


  1. Removing the 3.5mm headphone jack allows the phone manufacturer to:
  2. Reduce thickness of the phone, the 3.5mm jack plays a huge roll in this category and consumers want thin phones with larger screen real-estate
  3. More room for a larger battery allowing longer battery life
  4. Better waterproofing, when you have a 3.5mm jack, regardless of your waterproofing, there is not a full proof way of keeping water out of that area and the use of plugs will only make the phone bulkier and requires the phone to be thicker.
  5. Last but not least, it allows more space for better cameras which are a growing consumer demand.

There will always be the less expensive or off brand phone you can find with the 3.5mm jack but most of your top tech phones will do away with it completely. Obviously, change will be hard for some, but it’s necessary to make room for the future keeping up with consumer’s wants and needs.


by Joe Lovrek, News to Watch

Satya Nadella: Digital transformation is changing the face of manufacturing

A digital transformation is remaking companies and their factories, bringing the intersection of manufacturing and technology even closer, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Sunday in his keynote address at Hannover Messe 2016, the world’s largest industrial technology fair, in Germany.

Enabling that transformation are systems of intelligence that help companies gain insight and take action from big data, optimize their operations and change the very nature of the business models around their industrial products, Nadella said.

Read more on what he had to say by visiting Microsoft News Center.

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Microsoft grants help kids learn computer science, Earth Day is celebrated and influential engineer is honored — Weekend Reading: April 22 edition

From a huge effort to help kids realize their potential to a celebration of our dear old planet, this week brought plenty of interesting and inspiring news around Microsoft. We’ve rounded up some of the highlights in this latest edition of Weekend Reading.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced grants to 100 nonprofit partners in 55 countries as part of YouthSpark, a global initiative to increase access for young people to learn computer science. In turn, these nonprofit partners — such as Laboratoria, CoderDojo and City Year — will use the power of local schools, businesses and community organizations to empower students to achieve more for themselves, their families and their communities.

The nonprofits will build upon the work that Microsoft already has underway through programs like Hour of Code with, BBC micro:bit and TEALS.

Every young person should have an opportunity, a spark, to realize a more promising future,” Mary Snapp, corporate vice president and head of Microsoft Philanthropies, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. “Together with our nonprofit partners, we are excited to take a bold step toward that goal today.”

WR Youthspark image

Wondering what the next wave of breakthrough technology will be? Harry Shum, executive vice president of Microsoft Technology and Research, calls it an “invisible revolution,” and it’s transforming farming, allowing people from different cultures to communicate, helping people breathe healthier air, preventing disease outbreaks and much more.

“We are on the cusp of creating a world in which technology is increasingly pervasive but is also increasingly invisible,” Shum said.

This week on the Microsoft Facebook page, we joined the invisible revolution to preview the latest, most cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing. The possibilities are endless.

Invisible revolution GIF

Computer industry luminaries honored Dave Cutler, a Microsoft senior technical fellow whose impressive body of work spans five decades, as a Computer History Museum Fellow. The 74-year-old has shaped entire eras. He worked to develop the VMS operating system for Digital Equipment Corporation in the late 1970s, had a central role in the development of Windows NT — the basis for all major versions of Windows since 1993 — and helped develop the Microsoft Azure cloud operating system and the hypervisor for Xbox One that allows the console to be more than just for gaming.

“The Fellow awards recognize people who’ve had a tremendous impact on our lives, on our culture, on the way we work, exchange information and live,” said John Hollar, the museum’s president and CEO. “People like Dave Cutler, who probably influences the computing experiences of more than 2 billion people, yet isn’t known in a way he deserves to be, in proportion to the impact he’s had on the world.”

WR Engineer award

Microsoft Philanthropies sponsored the annual We Day, supporting exciting events Wednesday in Seattle and earlier this month in Los Angeles. Nearly 30,000 attended the shows, which celebrate young people who are making a difference.

In supporting We Day, Microsoft aims to help young people drive the change they would like to see in their neighborhoods, schools and communities. Our photo gallery captures the highlights, famous faces and young people who were involved in this year’s events.

WR_We day

In advance of Earth Day on Friday, Microsoft kicked off this week with inspiration and information about the company’s sustainability programs and initiatives, including ways you can take part in the efforts. The  brand new Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft website details how Microsoft’s company-wide carbon fee have financed significant investments in renewable energy to power its data centers, improved building efficiency and reached more than 6 million people through the purchase of carbon offsets from community projects around the world.

Microsoft, which has been a carbon-neutral company since 2012, is continually finding ways to make its products and their lifecycles more earth-friendly. Learn more about how Microsoft is commemorating Earth Day on the Microsoft Green Blog.

WR_earth day

Microsoft is also constantly working to help students achieve more. Some all-new education features coming in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update are specifically inspired by teachers and focused on students. A “Set Up School PCs” app lets teachers set up a device themselves in mere minutes, and a new “Take a Test” provides simple and secure standardized testing for classrooms or entire schools.

Learning will also get a big boost with Microsoft Classroom and Microsoft Forms, a OneNote Class Notebook that now has Learning Management System (LMS) integration and — perhaps most exciting to students — the dawn of “Minecraft: Education Edition.” Educators will be able to give it a test run in the summer months and provide feedback and suggestions.

In apps this week, the powerful mobile photo-editing app PicsArt is marking Earth Day by offering a series of green- and outdoorsy-themed photo frame and clip art packages. Several are exclusive to Windows customers. The PicsArt app is free in the Windows Store.

Need a little help juggling projects, priorities and other moving parts in your busy life? The Todoist Windows 10 app can help you stay organized, collaborate with colleagues and even empty your inbox by turning important emails into tasks.

Or for a little fun this weekend, go way beyond retro to prehistoric days in “Age of Cavemen.” In this multiplayer strategy game, you’re the village chief in a dangerous world, and you need to keep your people safe. Build an army, create alliances and destroy your opponents in a wild and wooly free-for-all.

WR apps image

And that’s a wrap for this edition of Weekend Reading. See you here next week for the latest roundup.

Posted by Tracy Ith
Microsoft News Center Staff

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Sparking opportunity for all youth around the globe

Sometimes all it takes is a spark: that one class, that one teacher, that one project which makes a difference. It can change the lives of young students who may have had little opportunity to excel, or perhaps even to complete high school, to enable them to become successful engineers, entrepreneurs or computer scientists. This is the inspiration behind our global YouthSpark initiative.

Last September, Satya Nadella announced a three-year, $75 million YouthSpark investment to help every young person get the opportunity to learn computing skills and computer science.


Click here to learn more about our partners.

Today we are providing an update by announcing YouthSpark grants to 100 nonprofit partners in 55 countries. In turn, our partners will leverage the power and energy of local schools, businesses and community organizations to create new and engaging opportunities for students to explore computer science. These partners will teach students valuable skills to help them prepare for and succeed in jobs that are open today across industries, along with new jobs that will be created. Our partners will build upon the work that Microsoft already has underway, including our commitments to computer science education through programs like Hour of Code with, BBC micro:bit and TEALS.

Still, much more progress must be made. Despite the need for basic computational thinking skills across all subject areas, in the U.S. less than 25 percent of high schools offer computer science classes. Only 2.5 percent of U.S. high school graduates go on to study computer science in college, and of this small percentage, only 1 in 5 computer science graduates is female. Globally, some countries have made computer science a mandatory subject in secondary schools, but we know firsthand through our own work that far too few schools around the world provide courses in computing. We also recognize that governments play a critical role in continued progress on this important issue. We continue to work with policymakers around the world to support the policy and funding necessary to expand computer science into public education. In the U.S., we’re proud to support Computer Science for All, a national effort created by President Barack Obama to give all American students the opportunity to learn computer science in school.

We know that no single organization or company can close the global computer science education skills gap. That is why we are committed to work in partnership with others. Our efforts have focused on leveraging longstanding community relationships of more than 100 nonprofit partners around the world to create access to computer science, and also to break down barriers and stereotypes that are keeping large populations of youth out of computer science education — even when the opportunities are available.

Later this month, we will bring together some of our local nonprofit partners from around the world during a YouthSpark Summit at the Microsoft campus in Redmond. We’ll learn, discuss, share ideas and develop action plans so that, together with our partners, we can continue to improve and bring better knowledge and expertise to local communities.

Every young person should have an opportunity, a spark, to realize a more promising future. Together with our nonprofit partners, we are excited to take a bold step toward that goal today. Learn more about our nonprofit partners here, and visit for more information on our global initiative to make computer science education accessible for all young people. ‪

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