‘American Idol’ Season 4 Top 12 Finalists: Where are they now?


Ah, 2005. A year of chunky blonde highlights, the iPhone Nano, Myspace — and who could forget Season 4 of “American Idol”?

Before Carrie Underwood would become Hollywood’s chart-topping country-pop queen, she auditioned for the singing competition at just 21 years old. We all know how the story goes from there, but the journeys have been quite different for the rest of her fellow Top 12 finalists.

These fresh faces from well over a decade ago have been through a lot over the past 14 years. Here’s what they’re all up to now:

Carrie Underwood: THEN

Carrie Underwood: NOW

Nearly 15 years after taking the ‘Idol’ crown, she’s the bonafide queen of country music.

Bo Bice: NOW

Pretty crazy transformation! The rocker continues to make music and recently had a string of shows in Hawaii.

Jessica Sierra: NOW

After long-fought battles with drug and alcohol abuse, Jessica was eventually sentenced to a year in rehab. She now has a child of her own and speaks to kids about the dangers of substance abuse.

Mikalah Gordon: NOW

She has a standing gig every night singing at Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Hotel. She also created a web series based on her life, which premiered in 2017.

Anwar Robinson: NOW

The dreads are gone! He’s a music educator and creative arts advocate.

Constantine Maroulis: NOW

He’s snagged a number of leading Broadway roles, including the title role in “Jekyll and Hyde.”

Lindsey Cardinale: NOW

She still makes and performs new music.

Anthony Fedorov: THEN

Anthony Fedorov: NOW

How’s that for a makeover? He still makes music and is a proud father. 

Nadia Turner: NOW

So gorgeous! She continues to pursue her career in music.

Vonzell Solomon: NOW

The singer-songwriter was at this year’s Oscars, proving that you don’t need to win “American Idol” to end up on the red carpet.

Scott Savol: NOW

He’s mostly kept a low profile since the show.

Nikko Smith: NOW

Still killing the stage!

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