Chris Cornell’s daughter takes leave from college to address ‘mental and emotional health,’ points finger at people ‘gossiping about me’


Chris Cornell’s eldest child, Lily Cornell Silver, is taking a break from college to tend to her mental and emotional well-being.

Silver, who turns 19 this month, spoke out about it on Instagram after there was apparent gossip over why she isn’t currently in school. She said that “certain parties are passing judgement and creating rumors,” leading to her setting the record straight.

“I didn’t ‘drop out of college,’” wrote Silver, who is from her father’s first marriage to music manager Susan Silver, “although it shouldn’t matter if I did.” Instead, “I took a temporary leave of absence to tend to my mental and emotional health, which was in part damaged by those who are gossiping about me,” she wrote.

Silver continued, “Shaming anyone for deciding to postpone [their] education in order to take care of themselves — which should always be the first priority — is cruel and a huge part of the reason why mental health continues to be a worldwide issue and is so stigmatized.”

(Screenshot: Lily Cornell Silver via Instagram)

The post ended with, “Think twice before you judge somebody for experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, etc., and taking a step back to practice self care as opposed to forcing themselves through it.”

A subsequent post added, “Mental health and education are two things I take very seriously which happens to be how I graduated with a 4.0. Nice try tho.”

(Screenshot: Lily Cornell Silver via Instagram)

Silver’s father, the famed singer from Soundgarden and Audioslave, died by suicide at the age of 52 in May 2017. He struggled with addiction and depression and anxiety.

Silver has made public appearances since then to honor his memory — typically alongside her step-siblings, Toni and Christopher, from Cornell’s second marriage to Vicky Cornell.

From what she’s shared on her Instagram, Silver — a singer like her dad — has a boyfriend, Isaiah Jeannot, but she also has bullies. A recent photo of them together was captioned, “i got my love, my friends, my family, and myself. evil doesn’t phase me.”

After Cornell’s death two years ago, Silver paid tribute to him on a post shared on Facebook. She wrote, in part, that she and her siblings “promise to survive, persevere and thrive — as we’ve always done.”

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