Customize a gift in 10 seconds or less


I had a little light bulb go off when I recently created this chili recipe. I wanted to put together a cute, gift basket, that would be thoughtful and just perfect for the holidays. I am all about customizing packaging, and making foods look cute, so I had two options. Spend an hour creating a graphic and label of my own, OR spend about 10 seconds, and make this gift look like a million bucks!

Well, here we go! I love the idea of giving food as gifts, because consumable gifts only take up space in your home for a short while. They don’t burden the recipient with “more junk”, something they likely already have too much of anyway.

So, why not spruce up a non perishable food item, like this adorable multi-colored pasta I found at TJ Maxx with a Christmas card and a stapler! Like I said, this update only took about 10 seconds, and I cannot wait to apply this technique to something else soon. {watch out!!}

Think of how cute this could be for literally ANY occasion! Birthdays, Thank You’s and More!

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