Does cryptic Instagram post give a hint about Rob Gronkowski’s NFL future?


In the afterglow of the New England Patriots’ 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, tight end Rob Gronkowski told NFL Network that he wasn’t ready to make a decision about his future yet. He just wanted to focus on the Pats’ win, and said he’d take the next few weeks to figure out whether he wants to keep playing or retire from the NFL at 29.

But maybe Gronk has already made his decision.

Gronkowski and quarterback Tom Brady made and posted an Instagram video a bit later on Sunday night in the locker room. It’s set to the Eminem song “Without Me,” and features Gronk making some cryptic hand gestures. Oh, and some quality Tom Brady mugging.

What is Gronkowski weighing when he makes those hand motions? Is he weighing the air in both of his hands? Or is he weighing playing vs. retirement? Then he looks at Brady and shrugs while Brady gives the most “haha guess what you’re never gonna believe this!” look to the camera. Then Gronk looks at Brady, who begins nodding at the camera. And then Gronk nods. The video ends with the words “to be continued … ”

Could that nod be about Gronkowski playing next year? Brady has already said that he plans to play next season, so his and Gronkowski’s wordless exchange could definitely be about Gronkowski deciding to play another season. Or it could be Gronk trying to decide what sandwich he wants to eat, and Brady helping him.

Until we hear the words “I will be playing next season” from Gronkowski, everything in that video is up for interpretation. But it sure seems like he’s trying to send a message. Hopefully, we’ll only have to wait a few weeks to find out.

See Gronk and Brady through the years: 

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