‘Game of Thrones’ spinoffs: Everything known so far about the HBO projects


The series finale of “Game of Thrones” hadn’t even ended before fans were pitching ideas for spinoffs.

As soon as Arya Stark told Jon Snow of her plans to set sail and learn what lies beyond — “What’s west of Westeros? That’s where all the maps stop” — fans were already throwing their support behind a potential spinoff called “West of Westeros.” (The concept would probably create some branding stress for HBO, which is already home to the very-much-unrelated “Westworld.”)

HBO confirmed back in 2017 that it had five spinoffs in the works, but only one has actually received a pilot order, meaning the network is seriously pushing it forward in the development process. It remains to be seen whether the other four will come to life.

The most likely spinoff to eventually go to air is a prequel written by Jane Goldman, who’s working closely with author George R. R. Martin, the mastermind behind the entire “Thrones” universe. Naomi Watts has reportedly signed on for a starring role.

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Martin has said on his blog that the other four projects are also coming along.

Will any existing “Game of Thrones” cast members be involved in the spinoffs? Probably not, given that all of them take place during completely different times in history, but it’s possible there could be some overlap. Maybe we’ll see King Bran the Broken 30 years down the line. (But again… probably not.)

“GoT” creators and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will likely be heavily involved in the spinoffs, but first, they have to redirect their focus over to Disney, where they’ll be calling the shots on an upcoming “Star Wars” film.

While some fans expected a spinoff teaser at the end of the May 19 episode, HBO exec Casey Bloys nixed that idea years ago, saying of the finale,  “I’m not interested in using it to launch any other show.”

GOT location: King’s Landing

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GOT location: Braavos

Real life location: Sibenik, Croatia

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GOT location: North of the Wall

Real life location: Vatnajokull, Iceland

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GOT location: House of Greyjoy

Real life location: Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

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GOT location: The road from King’s Landing

Real life location: Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

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GOT location: Dragonstone

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GOT location: Casterly Rock

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GOT location: Yunkai and Pentos

Real life location: Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

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GOT location: Royal Palace Of Dorne

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GOT location: Winterfell

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GOT Location: The arena in Mereen

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GOT Location: Iron Islands

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GOT location: Highgarden

Real life location: Almodóvar Castle, Andalusia, Spain 

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