‘Good Place’ actress blasts Avon for body shaming women


Beauty brand Avon has been called out for an advertising campaign which critics say shames women for having cellulite.

The advertisement for Naked Proof products was criticized by actress Jameela Jamil on social media.

The campaign features a woman laughing, alongside the message: “Dimples are cute on your face (not on your thighs).”

A second ad in the campaign reads, “Every body is beautiful,” but then contradicts that statement by highlighting products to “reduce cellulite, firm skin and soften stretch marks.”

The star of Good Place, who regularly uses her reach to encourage body positivity, called out the brand online and received support from other women around the world.

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“Stop shaming women about age, gravity and cellulite,” she tweeted. “They’re inevitable, completely normal things.”

“I want you all to look out for this constant manipulation,” she warned her followers.

Women chimed in to echo their disapproval of the ad.

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Jamil’s followers agreed with her criticism. (Photo: Twitter)

The ensuing storm forced Avon to issue an apology to Jamil, which she accepted as “progress.”

The actress also runs @i_weigh, a movement intended to help women to feel valuable and encourage body positivity. She regularly calls out body-shaming ads, detox teas and airbrushing.

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