Here is the growing list of people fired while investigating Trump


On Tuesday, many were in complete shock upon learning that President Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey. He is not, of course, the first high-ranking individual the president has relieved of his or her duties.

Though Trump has only been in office for a few months, he has created quite a trail of crushed careers, notes USA Today.

For the most part, those affected were reportedly involved with investigations into Trump and matters that involve his business and political worlds.

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Among that group, the first to go was former acting attorney general Sally Yates, who was fired at the end of January. According to the White House, the cause was her refusal to back Trump’s travel ban, notes the New York Times.

It has since been revealed that Yates reportedly obtained evidence that then national security adviser Michael Flynn was compromised and at risk of being manipulated by a foreign government. According to Yates, she immediately warned the White House, but, there was a lag in requesting Flynn’s resignation, notes CNN.

Next came the mass firing of U.S. attorneys, including Preet Bharara.

Bharara served New York’s Southern District, which houses Trump’s business enterprise. He was also reportedly investigating Fox News and Tom Price, who later became the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Bharara said he had been asked by the then president-elect to stay on, so, like many, was quite surprised when, on March 11, he was forced to leave, notes USA Today.

Then, of course, is James Comey who was abruptly fired on May 9. The reason given involved the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Due to Comey’s investigation into Russia, the 2016 election, and possible collusion with Trump campaign, that explanation is being questioned by many.

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