Maggie Gyllenhaal gets ‘really valuable’ artistic input from brother Jake Gyllenhaal (Exclusive)


Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal have had the unique experience of navigating Hollywood, Broadway and other artistic endeavors together — and they value one another’s feedback more so than anyone else’s.

At the Josh Cellars Father’s Day Pop Up at Grand Central Station last week, Maggie opened up to AOL’s Gibson Johns about the “really valuable” input that she gets from her brother on her various projects and vice versa.

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“There are only a few people in my life whose comments and feelings about my work deeply, deeply impact me, you know?” Gyllenhaal told AOL. “There are people who hate something I do or love something I do and, of course, I feel both of those things. But, if someone I have the deepest respect for as an artist is moved by it, it makes a difference.”

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And to say that the “The Deuce” actress respects her brother as an artist who be an understatement.

“My brother has come to see things I’ve been struggling in and seen the beauty in it — the real beauty in it, even when a lot of other people were full of judgement,” she explained. “That’s also really valuable. I also know how much my reaction to his work affects him, and that’s such a beautiful thing to go in curious and loving and warm to watching someone you love do their work.”

“I feel that way about just a few people, and he’s one of them,” the actress added.

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While Maggie’s currently filming “The Homecoming: A Musical,” her brother is gearing up to bring his critically-acclaimed play, “Sea Wall/A Life,” co-starring Tom Sturridge, to Broadway later this summer for a 9-week limited engagement. 

During a recent interview with AOL, Jake opened up about his love of theater and his willingness to embrace the different experience that it brings him as an actor in comparison to film and television work.

“I’ve learned how much love there is when people decide to come to the theater and that the love of the theater is a very particular kind of thing,” he explained. “It’s the love for that live experience. It’s a commitment, and I consider it to be an honor every night when I get out there to perform for a large group of people who have gathered and paid for that specific thing. It’s something you don’t get when you do television or film.”

Read our full interview with Jake Gyllenhaal here.

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