Pilot reveals which plane seats have the smoothest rides


By: Patrick Jones

Some people are afraid of flying for various reasons. Separate from them, there are also people who are reluctant to fly due to the comfort level, or the motion sickness that comes with any rough air.

Turbulence, after all, has a different effect on everybody. Some will get a little motion sickness, while others believe it’s a signal that it is time to make peace with a higher power.

With that in mind, a pilot recently took to “Quora,” a question and answer site, to reveal which seats on a plane will feel the least amount of bumps.

He responded by pointing out that the back of the plane between the elevator and the stabilizer will feel the most thrashing, as those instruments try and correct the bumps in turbulence.

He also encourages people to avoid the main wings.

So, what’s the best place?

The pilot says the most ideal spot on a plane is up front, ahead of the craft’s center of gravity. On some planes, it’s tough to get a seat there, since it’s reserved for special first class passengers.

However, if it’s a flight with no class restrictions, head to the front! Not only are there fewer bumps, but you also have boarding priority: you can be the last on and the first off.

After all, who wants to spend an extra second on a flight?

Scroll through to see some odd passengers:

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