Serial con artist arrested after scamming woman he met on out of $85,000


A serial con artist was arrested Wednesday after allegedly scamming a Georgia woman he met on out of $85,000, WTVT reports. 

John Hill, 35, was arrested early Wednesday in Tennessee on a fugitive warrant after he convinced the unnamed woman from Alpharetta to give him money for a house and furniture. He then allegedly stopped all contact with her. 

Police from Gwinnett County, Ga., said Hill connected with the woman on the dating website on March 27 and met her in person on the same day, according to WSB. He told her he was a millionaire and tried to convince her that they were in love, authorities said. 

Photo: Gwinnett County Police

Within a week of knowing her, Hill told the woman that he wanted to buy a house with her, and the two went house-hunting, law enforcement said. That same week, the two also purportedly agreed to get married. 

When the woman realized she had been duped after Hill stopped contacting her, she notified police, who initially tracked him to a home in Duluth, Ga., where a different woman claimed to be his girlfriend. 

“The woman said she is in a relationship with the suspect,” Cpl. Michele Pihera explained to WSB. “However, she didn’t know what his profession was. Also, she said he was only home on weekends. During the week, she didn’t know where he went.” 

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Georgia police said Hill has changed his name several times in the last three years and is suspected of scamming other women in different states. Tennessee authorities said they have a hold on Hill from at least one other county in Maryland. 

Hill is expected to appear in court on May 30 and will most likely face extradition to Georgia. 

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