The trick to removing wrinkles without an iron


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Wrinkles show up at worst times! But now you can come prepared for a wardrobe disaster no matter where you find yourself. Traveling? At work? This ultra portable steamer is easy to bring on-the-go and amazing at making your clothes or linens look great!

Never used a steamer? Costume artists use steamers to make clothes look freshly ironed on set, but they’re usually big, bulky and expensive. This portable steamer has the same impact without the high price tag and hefty weight. Simply let the steamer warm up for a minute, and gently manipulate it around your item to remove the wrinkles.

It’s so easy to use, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to use your steamer rather than your iron, even when at home! Right now, this steamer is on sale for just $34.99 (retail value, $49.99) today only.

Click here to purchase this 24-hour deal today, and say goodbye to your iron forever.

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