Veterinarian posts photo of ladybugs in dog’s mouth to warn pet owners

Pet owners are being warned about an unlikely danger to their dogs—lady bugs.

One Kansas-area veterinarian with the Hoisington Veterinary Hospital posted about the problem on Facebook along with a disturbing photo showing a number of the tiny black-spotted insects attached to the roof of a dog’s mouth.

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The message reads, in part, “If your pet is drooling or foaming at the mouth look for these lady bugs. They cause ulcers on the tongue and mouth and have a very painful bite.”

The post reportedly caused concern among many owners which prompted the American Veterinary Medical Association to issue its own Facebook message, stating, “…there are invasive Asian ladybugs that can cause problems, but our ‘regular’ ladybugs DONOT.”

The insects are, in fact, Asian lady beetles which are said to be in high numbers around Kansas, notes the Star-Telegram.

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