A woman just ate $7,000 in cash

We’ve all had that one big fight with our significant other. It usually leads to someone sleeping on the couch or buying flowers.

But one fight between a couple in Columbia ended with a 30-year-old woman chowing down on $7,000 in cash. Here’s how she says it went down.

The woman told a local tv station that she saved up the money for a vacation with the husband.

But after a fight, doctors say she ate rolls of 100-dollar bills.

Since they weren’t wrapped in anything, it’s not like she was trying to smuggle the money. The director of surgery at a local hospital called it an act of desperation.

Surgeons were able to take 57 of the 100-dollar bills out of her stomach and intestine.

While some of the other rolls would be passed through her colon.

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Article source: https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/05/05/a-woman-just-ate-7-000-in-cash/22070679/

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