Grandpa drinks 32-year-old beer that he saved for a Cubs World Series win


A single Coors beer from 1984 still existed up until Wednesday night.

When the Chicago Cubs lost in the NLCS to the San Diego Padres, this man stored away his beer and vowed not to drink it until the day the Cubs finally won the World Series.

He probably didn’t think it would take 32 years.

But, it did. And he kept his promise when he cracked open the disgustingly old beer and ceremoniously poured as family watched.

“Here we are, 32 years after 1984 — my dad’s 32-year-old Coors beer that he has saved in his house for when the Cubs would win the World Series. After a hard, long fought battle tonight, THE CUBS WON!”

We don’t even want to imagine the odor the narrator described. But cheers to making promises and keeping them!

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