Kevin Hart’s wife Eniko wins Halloween with TLC costume

Eniko Hart, who also happens to be Kevin Hart’s wife, gave us all a hint of ’90s nostalgia with her Halloween costume.

Hart and two of her friends, Kai Walton and Dominique Breanna, dressed up as the popular RB girl group TLC. Hart portrayed Chilli while her friends were T-Boz and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes respectively — all three wore black leathery outfits which were reminiscent of the group’s hit single “No Scrubs” futuristic style video.

No scrubs.. ?? Happy Halloween ?

A photo posted by eniĸo?✨ (e-nee-ĸo) (@enikonhart) on Oct 30, 2016 at 9:10pm PDT

Not only did the trio absolutely nail TLC’s look, they decided to take one extra step for authenticity and recorded a video of the trio dancing and lip-syncing along with to the group’s signature song — and nailed it yet again.

On the TLC TIP! Y’all see roxy in the back tho! she’s such a D I V A!!

A video posted by eniĸo?✨ (e-nee-ĸo) (@enikonhart) on Oct 30, 2016 at 9:37pm PDT

Their mini version of the “No Scrubs” video showed how much detail and effort the threesome put into their costumes because their dance moves were spot-on and probably would’ve gotten the stamp of approval from TLC themselves — or at least Kevin Hart. The comedian reposted their photo to his Instagram and simply captioned it: “nailed it.”

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Eniko and her friends have just become everybody’s squad goals.

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