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As our offices become more and more casual, and work life no longer remains within the confines of the office, it can be tough to know exactly where to draw the line on social media.

These days, when you’re at your desk scrolling through your Instagram posts from a weekend full of wild partying with your friends, so are your co-workers, who see the racy outfit, the round of shots and more.

Even though it may seem like no biggie now, you never know what might come up during a performance review or salary discussion. And hey, when it comes down to you or and a colleague for that promotion, you definitely don’t want an off-the-cuff Instagram post to hurt your chances.

The best way to avoid a major gaffe is to learn the protocol for protecting your posts and finessing your friendships because there’s one person who won’t “like” everything you do in your off-time — your boss.

Watch episode 10 of Land The Gig above for the dos and don’ts of social media for the working professional.

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