Land the gig: Promote yourself


Started from the bottom now you’re here. By ‘here’, do you mean picking up your boss’ coffee, trying to convince her you are worthy of a promotion? Or have you made it to middle management and want to break through to that executive suite?

You know you deserve it, but you no have to tell your boss … and it can be tough to prove your worth to the company.

The performance review itself is too late to start thinking about a promotion. Your actions throughout your time at the company will impact any decision making processes in the future, so be a champion of positivity in the workplace.

That means avoid gossiping in the office, do your work, don’t correct your boss in public and address disagreements in private.

When it’s time to have the conversation, first things first — Make sure higher-ups know exactly what you want to do. No one’s a mind reader, and you shouldn’t assume that the powers that be are aware of your professional goals and aspirations.

Also recognize the opportunities you can jump on or fill, and definitely have numbers to back you up.

If you can check off all of the above, you should be getting that promotion in no time.

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