Man finds unclaimed lottery ticket worth $1M days before it expires


While cleaning his office, an Oregon man found a winning lottery ticket in his possession worth $1 million. And it’s a good thing, too, because the ticket’s expiration date was just days later.

Joemel Panisa stumbled across the Mega Millions ticket with the deadline to claim his prize only eight days away.

Panisa found the ticket on a snowy day, when he decided to clean his office. He checked the numbers online, and that’s when he discovered he had won the lottery in January 2016.

All Mega Millions tickets are valid for one year after the date of the drawing.

He claimed the prize Jan. 9 just ahead of the deadline on the 17th, becoming the fourth Mega Millions $1 million winner since the game was introduced in Oregon back in 2010.

According to the Oregon Lottery, US Market 104, the store that sold the winning ticket, will get a one-percent bonus of $10,000 bonus just for selling the winning ticket.

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