One remark sparks gunfire at a funeral after families get into fist fight


Police are looking for a woman said to be responsible for opening fire during a burial service after a family brawl broke out Wednesday evening.

Two families attending the service were engaged in a fist fight when the woman retrieved her gun, firing several shots in the air, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Earle Farrell, told WATN-TV. No one was hit.

Farell says there is “a lot of bad blood” between the late Charlotte Stallion’s family and her spouse’s, and that it was an argument between those families that prompted the brawl, he told WREG-TV.

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There was tension over Stallion’s marriage to a woman last fall, Jasmine McIntyre.

According to the spokesman, one of the family members attending the service made a derogatory remark to that, sparking the altercation.

“They were a gay couple. Some male subject said something about y’all leading the wrong lifestyle. A huge brawl broke out with gunshots,” Farrell said.

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He says the woman police are looking for only fired shots in the air, however, she could still face charges for reckless endangerment.

Loved ones mourning the death of the 37-year-old woman buried at the Memorial Park Southwoods Cemetery in Tennessee were reportedly not seen as eager to speak to reporters.

However, investigators told WMC that the woman’s death is a believed suicide. She passed after her driving her Pontiac into the Mississippi River on Feb. 17.

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