Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson blast Robert De Niro’s anti-Trump remarks: ‘He’s just a has-been actor’


Sean Hannity and his fellow opinion hosts at Fox News took aim at Robert De Niro Monday night following the actor’s anti-Trump rant at an awards ceremony over the weekend. While honoring Al Pacino at the American Icon Awards, De Niro said, among other things, that a fitting tribute for Trump would be impeachment and imprisonment. This was just one of many times De Niro has slammed the president, and this time, Hannity had some harsh words of his own for the Oscar winner.

Hannity began by naming De Niro the “Villain of the Day” before going on to call him leftist, liberal, socialist and a “very angry man.” Hannity then said of De Niro, “He’s just a has-been actor that has too much time on his hands.”

Laura Ingraham then joined in and compared the star to Grumpy Cat, who died last week.

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“Hannity, we lost the Grumpy Cat,” Ingraham said. “Ya know the Grumpy Cat died last week? Now we have a new Grumpy Cat: De Niro.”

Earlier in the evening, Tucker Carlson and frequent guest Mark Steyn also took shots at De Niro, even coming up with their own awards show just for him, though it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Academy Awards or Golden Globes.

“They should have best cranky, embittered grandpa 40 years past his acting best award ‘cause he’d be a shoo-in for that,” Steyn said of De Niro.

“He’d definitely be in the running,” Carlson replied, “though I would argue there are some other contenders.”

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