‘The Bachelor’ finale: Colton breaks up with both Hannah and Tayshia

Colton Underwood called it quits on his relationships with Tayshia and Hannah G. during the Monday, March 11, finale of The Bachelor in the aftermath of Cassie’s departure and his fence-jump meltdown.

The Fall

Chris Harrison and producers searched for Colton after he jumped the fence. After considering calling the police, they finally found him walking down the road. He insisted to the host that he was “done” with the show, while Cassie’s rejection reminded him that he is “not enough.”

The next morning, Chris met up with Colton in his hotel room. Colton admitted that he didn’t want to go on without Cassie. He was falling in love with Tayshia and Hannah G., but only fell in love with Cassie. Colton believed Cassie left because she was scared to see him still in relationships with other women. He thought she loved him too but was hesitant to admit it. Colton told Chris he was ready to fight for Cassie.

Tayshia and Hannah G
Tayshia and Hannah G

A Tearful Goodbye

Colton headed straight to Tayshia’s room to break the news to her that he was in love with Cassie. Tayshia asked him if they could talk without the cameras, so they went inside, where they both proceeded to cry. Tayshia confessed she didn’t want to go through the breakup, but she also had nothing but nice things to say about Colton before she left Portugal.

During the live portion of the show, Tayshia admitted the breakup came as a surprise and it hurt to hear that Colton was in love with someone else. However, she wanted to be there for him. Colton explained that he tried to remain open in other relationships for as long as he could until he fully gave his heart to Cassie.

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Last Impression

Hannah G. did not take her split with Colton as well as Tayshia did. Colton confessed that he, at one time, thought Hannah would receive his final rose. She expressed her frustration as Colton wondered aloud whether he was making the right decision. Colton broke down while lamenting the fact that he gave up a sure thing with Hannah for a potentially impossible reconciliation with Cassie.

Hannah said during the live part of the episode that she felt blindsided because Colton made her believe they were on the same page. Colton told Hannah he never considered going through with their overnight date because the show was over for him when Cassie left. Hannah also called some of Colton’s comments to Cassie a slap in the face to the other women. She added that she thought he would chase her after their split and compared what he did to her to the way Cassie treated him.

Next Move

At the end of the episode, Colton approached Cassie’s hotel room — yes, she was still in Portugal — to ask for a second chance. Meanwhile, she told the cameras she was eager to move on because she couldn’t make a commitment.

Part 2 of the Bachelor finale airs on ABC Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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