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For Laura LaVoie and her partner, Matt, building and living in a tiny home was more about downsizing their life and expenses than anything else. “It was all about the financial opportunities,” says LaVoie, who documents the couple’s life in a tiny home on her blog, Life in 120 Square Feet. “We had been living in a 2,700-square-foot home in Atlanta, GA, that, at the time, seemed like a great idea. We were both in our late 20s when we bought it, we had good corporate jobs, and we thought it was the next logical step. But we quickly realized that owning a large home with a mortgage made us feel trapped. With a tiny home, I could pay down my debts and have the freedom to quit my job and work for myself.”

Likewise, downsizing finances and expenses was one of the biggest reasons Jenna Spesard and her then-partner moved into a tiny home. “We had an overwhelming amount of debt, belongings, and no money to pursue our dreams,” she says. So in 2013, the couple quit their stable jobs, took a leap of faith, and built what they call their “tiny house on wheels.” Spesard blogs about her tiny home experience on Tiny House Giant Journey.

Check out some awesome tiny homes:

This delightful cottage hugs the Massachusetts coastline. It includes new wood floors, stone countertops, and a roof deck perfect for soaking up the sun.

Address: 423 Commercial St., Provincetown, MA

Price: $1.2 million

Photo: Estately

This rustic artist’s retreat sits on nine acres of California hills where the previous owners cultivated Japanese Maple trees. It includes a workshop and two offices.

Address: 3885 Cavedale Rd., Glen Ellen, CA

Price: $1.2 million

Photo: Estately

Who says a tiny house has to be on land? This houseboat situated in northern Idaho spares no amenities. It has a full kitchen and two and half baths.

Address: 34179 N Scenic Bay, Bayview, ID

Price: $80,000

Photo: Estately

A cottage made with care, this tiny home features windows made from mahogany wood and recycled furnishings. It’s perched on a grassy knoll in Vermont.

Address: 563 Ridge Rd., Kirby, VT

Price: $120,000

Photo: Estately

A new take on the tiny house, this Victorian-style home in California is designated as historic, but has been remodeled for a more contemporary look.

Address: 142 19th St., Pacific Grove, CA

Price: $850,000

Photo: Estately

Known as the “round house” on the St. Joe River, this circular tiny house stretches just 450 square feet. The covered patio is perfect for shaded picnics.

Address: 52 Lagoon Ln., St. Maries, ID

Price: $195,000

Photo: Estately

Buyers will get in touch with their inner Henry David Thoreau in this two-bedroom cabin in the California wilderness. A wood-burning stove is all the heat they’ll need.

Address: 9250 Bryant Creek Rd., Twin Bridges, CA

Price: $120,000

Photo: Estately

Described as a “fly fisherman’s dream,” this river-front cabin in Utah is close enough to the water that you can cast a line from the front porch.

Address: 13581 E 1950 N, Huntsville UT

Price: $249,000

Photo: Estately

A tiny home fit for any storybook-lover, this peaceful cabin manages to squeeze a stone fireplace, a hot tub, and a master bedroom into 577 square feet.

Address: 160 Timerwinds, Townsend, TN

Price: $115,000

Photo: Estately

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