World’s reportedly heaviest man set to undergo surgery


The man believed to be the world’s heaviest was preparing on Friday, May 5th to undergo biliopancreatic bypass surgery in Mexico.

According to local media, thirty-three-year-old Juan Pedro Franco – who has weighed up to 1,311 pounds – has been largely bed-ridden for the last seven years due to his large size. He was recently put on a diet to help shed some weight as doctors fear for his life.

The surgery is scheduled to take place on May 9, after Franco dropped 385 pounds over the last couple of months, making surgery possible.

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Five days before surgery are needed to prepare for the operation, where blood, imaging, pulmonary and cardiac function will be studied by a team of doctors.

Franco has battled obesity all of his life, but the problem took a turn for the worse following an injury at age 17.

Juan Pedro is from the small Mexican state of Aguacalientes and has been in Guadalajara for his treatment, over the last couple of months.

His mother, Maria de Jesus Salas Lemus, is optimistic about the outcome of the surgery.

Threats to his health ranging from diabetes to organ failure prompted the surgery, which is an important challenge for the medical science team due to Franco’s weight.

Franco’s doctor, Jose Castaneda will operate on Franco, together with other specialists including an instrumentalist as well as a team of two anaesthesiologists and a cardiologist who will watch over Franco’s vital signs during the 20 -minute surgery.

Hopeful that his treatment will be a success, Franco also remains positive.

According to the World Health Organisation, Mexico is a global leader in obesity with 35 percent of its adolescents overweight or obese.

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