Fannie Mae, Equifax partner to provide risk-sharing investors with credit score data


Aiming to provide investors with more information into the borrowers whose borrowers back its risk-sharing deals, Fannie Mae announced an “expansion” of its relationship with Equifax that will provide additional credit score data to investors.

Beginning on May 25, Fannie Mae will begin offering monthly updated, anonymous, loan-level credit scores for all of its Connecticut Avenue Securities risk-sharing deals.

According to Fannie Mae, this information was previously available on only the more recent actual loss CAS risk-sharing deals, but this expansion makes the credit score data available on all CAS deals, dating back to the program’s first such deal in 2013.

“This additional information will give CAS investors the ability to better monitor their investments in the program, and greater clarity and details on the reference pools that back these securities,” said Laurel Davis, vice president of credit risk transfer, Fannie Mae.

“We’re pleased to provide investors with this enhanced transparency in a responsible way that also protects borrower’s personal information,” Davis added.

Fannie Mae said that it anticipates issuing its next CAS deal in July, and plans to issue more throughout the remainder of the year and beyond.

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