Jessie James Decker tells her kids this one ‘lie’ to get them to eat their greens (Exclusive)

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Jessie James and Eric Decker practice “good balance” at home with their three children when it comes to eating healthily.

The couple shares children Vivianne Rose, 5, Eric II, 3, and Forrest, 1, and the country singer opened up about their eating habits during a recent visit to AOL.

“We practice at home a good balance, so every single morning the kids have their fruit, they have a little oatmeal, sometimes they have scrambled eggs. We try to keep a routine throughout the day,” Jessie James explained. “The kids each whatever I make for dinner, so there’s no other options. If you don’t like what Mommy makes, then you just don’t eat. That’s my theory at home, and that’s how I was raised, and me and my siblings are not picky eaters now. We’ll eat and try everything once.”

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That being said, the mother of three admitted that “kids will be kids,” so she’s totally open to indulging in some of their more unhealthy cravings, like the McDonald’s drive-thru, but just “don’t make it a daily habit,” she cautioned.

Of course, being kids, they are also prone to avoiding certain food groups, like vegetables, which the former reality star said that she has to sometimes lie about to get her children to eat.

“Sometimes we just lie to our kids and say, ‘That’ll give you superpowers if you eat that green stuff right there,'” she laughed.

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The 31-year-old also recently partnered with Enfagrow to launch their latest line of nutritional toddler drinks, which she says her youngest absolutely loves.

“It’s really exciting. It’s such a great solution for that transitional period from infant to toddler,” she said of the product. “Anytime I pull it out of the fridge, my son gets really excited and he runs over to the drawer and he’s ready to pull out his sippy cup.”

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At the end of the day, the mother of three knows that the best way to get her children to be healthy is to lead by example, which is why both she and Eric strive to be healthy themselves in their everyday lives.

“Kids emulate their parents — it’s just the way that it goes — so I think if you can showcase a healthy lifestyle, your kids will want to follow.”

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