Meghan McCain calls Donald Trump Jr. ‘beloved’ as ‘View’ co-hosts do a double-take

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Meghan McCain called Donald Trump Jr. “beloved” on “The View” as panelists discussed the new subpoena calling him to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. McCain’s unusual adjective for the brash first son clearly surprised her co-panelists. 

Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the discussion, noting that the committee is “not done talking to Donny Junior. There’s a lot of speculation that they may want a couple more answers about how much knowledge he had about the Trump Tower Moscow plan.” His testimony that he was only “peripherally aware” of negotiations for the building project was contradicted by Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen. The committee is also interested in his account of the Trump Tower meeting in Manhattan during the 2016 campaign with a Kremlin-connected attorney.

Abby Huntsman pointed out that it was a bipartisan decision to subpoena Trump Jr.

McCain described the first son as “a guy” who’s “insulated.”

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She added: “He pretty much only does interviews with people who are like-minded, people on Fox. He’s in circles where he’s like a beloved figure. It will be interesting to see someone who’s insulated as a beloved figure be forced to testify” before Congress.

“Is he beloved?” asked an incredulous Sunny Hostin

“In Trump circles,” McCain responded. 

“Who’s beloved?” asked Joy Behar. “He’s beloved, really?”

Goldberg grimaced.



Check out the clip above beginning at 1:45.

Sunny Hostin is surprised at the characterization of Donald Trump Jr.

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