A Bloggy Birthday, an End, and a New Beginning


By: Ray Pellecchia
File Under: NYSE Euronext

Time out for a little housekeeping here. On 5 December 2010, this humble, little corporate blog turns 5 years old.

What better time to blow it up and start anew?

The Exchanges blog ends today but is replaced – same day — with one I expect will prove to be a much richer, more vibrant forum for conversation between NYSE Euronext and you, our community.

The url for this new blog platform called NYSE Exchanges is http://exchanges.nyx.com. Please join me in the Universal Prayer for Technology Launches that begins, “Lord, please let this thing please work, and give us the strength not to kill ourselves if it’s a little balky on Day One.” I ask you to please bear with any radio silence or difficulties that often accompany techbirth.

The NYSE Exchanges platform will make it much easier for us out other voices from our diverse businesses, from derivatives to equities to technologies. When you go to the new page, you’ll see that my own blog will be called Open Interest, and that our regular NYX 360 feature will spin out into its own blog. You can read more about what I’ll be focusing on in my first post on the “other side.” And you’ll begin seeing new blogs from a number of my BWCs (blog writing colleagues).

One more housekeeping item: Our subscription capability will not be ready on day one. I know that’s user-unfriendly and I apologize for it, but for now I have to ask our loyal subscribers (and may I say, bless every one of you), to bear with the inconvenience of checking in on us when you can. Will keep you posted on our progress on that front; I’m told the ETA is sometime next month. Beyond that, we’ll be trying to create content compelling enough that you’ll want to come back again and again.

I kinda feel like the astronauts in “Apollo 13,” when they had to cut loose the lunar module that had kept them alive with makeshift solutions, but could not get them where they ultimately needed to go – back to Earth. They move into the re-entry capsule and look out the window at the lunar module drifting off into space and one of them says, “She sure was a good ship.”

That’s how I feel about Exchanges, and HybridTalk before it. No, not that they saved my life. But in a few weeks we will let the archives of Exchanges and HybridTalk go dark, out of necessity, and I feel a keen sense of gratitude for their getting us to where we are today – a new beginning. So before cutting all of this loose and moving on, let me say some quick words of appreciation:

• My colleagues who built and maintained Exchanges and HybridTalk created something that had never been done by an exchange company, and helped show how we can communicate in a new, more engaging way through technology.

• Many colleagues helped me field detailed questions and explain the evolution of our markets over these last five years. Out of the 1,291 posts on HybridTalk and Exchanges (a tick better than one per business day), I’d guesstimate that at least 25 percent required at least some fact checking if not an hour or two of a colleague’s time to explain something like how a particular order works. Their generosity with their time and expertise helped demystify markets.

• Other colleagues did manage to add their own voices to Exchanges, which required endless patience with its clunky internal permissioning and interface. They began to demonstrate the depth and breadth of our people and businesses, and I look forward to seeing them and many others on NYSE Exchanges. Also, props to our lawyers, who gave us guidance and trusted the reins in our hands.

• Most of all, our readers. For putting up with my bad jokes. For helping me learn new points of view about markets. For all the calls, e-mails and comments that let me know that someone out there besides my Uncle Johnny was reading. For stopping me at conferences and saying things like one trader actually said: “Hey, you’re that crazy SOB who blogs for the New York!” Blogging is not a sprint but a marathon, and all of that is all that ever keeps me going.

As the Wall Street saying goes, the tape keeps moving, right to left. Time to put this one on the tape, and keep moving. As always, your comments are welcome on the space below. Thanks again, and see you on the new NYSE Exchanges platform!


Nobody nose blogging like you do! Happy Birthday!

by Steven Poser on December 3, 2010 5:45 PM


Well done!!

I look forward to your new site. As far as your old platform – I am one of it’s biggest fans. You and the many who provide support – do a great job of collecting, informing and sharing. Keep the news coming – I make a point to check the NYSE blog every day.

by Fields on December 3, 2010 8:45 PM


This has been a good site and you have been a good and humble blogger. I remember a few years back when you were invited to be a keynote speaker at an event that was attended by a number of your exchange colleagues.

Look forward to seeing what is coming up at NYSE Exchanges.

By the way, some say Apollo 13 would not have made it back without duct tape. Keep a roll around just in case you have problems with the new site.


Bart Ward

by Bart Ward on December 6, 2010 1:02 PM

Steve — Thanks, and hey, I’ll do the nose jokes around here!

Fields — Appreciate the longtime support, as well as your helping to spread the word.

Bart — Sincere thanks for all your contributions. And I’m with you on the duct tape — many times we’ve used it to hold the blog together!

by Ray Pellecchia on December 7, 2010 11:28 AM

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