Check Out the Growing Band of Bloggers at NYSE Exchanges


By: Ray Pellecchia
File Under: NYSE Euronext

Popping back onto our old about-to-go-dark platform for just a minute to gently remind you that our band of bloggers grows bigger by the day on our new NYSE Exchanges platform. C’mon by and check out:

Clarke Camper: Betting on the Obama-GOP compromise; Financing Small Business; Federal Deficit Commission Votes: Fleeting Moment or Historic First Step?; QE2: Not Everyone Thinks It’s a Loser

Bruce Boytim: Direct Market Access Resurfaces

Marisa Ricciardi: World AIDS Day at NYSE Euronext

Scott Cutler: Scott’s State of the IPO Market on CNBC

Ali O’Rourke : Announcing Earnings; SEC Short Sale rule postponed; Data management company NetApp trading halted

Feargal O’Sullivan: Fresh Start – Quick Review

— And Your Ol’ Humbleness: Exchanges Move to Extend Individual-Stock Circuit Breakers; Trading Costs Decline Globally; Of Markets, Blogs and Renewal: Welcome to NYSE Exchanges

— Not to mention the daily NYX 360 aggregation post. (No extra charge!)

In just a week’s time, that’s more bloggers on more topics than we’ve ever had before, and more are joining up all the time.

Drop a line and let us know what you think. Share a point of view. Be candid. Like, “Ray, I think there’s way too much nose in your new photo.” Go ahead, don’t worry — nothing I haven’t heard before!

We’re looking forward to talking with you on NYSE Exchanges.

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