Emerging Global Advisors Lists Emerging Global Shares INDXX China Infrastructure Index Fund on NYSE Arca

NEW YORK, Feb 17, 2010 –- NYSE Euronext (NYX) announced that a wholly-owned subsidiary, NYSE Arca, currently began trade theEmerging Global Shares INDXX China Infrastructure Index Fund(Ticker: CHXX).  The ETF is sponsored by Emerging Global Advisors.

The Fund seeks investment formula that generally conform (before fees and expenses) to a cost and produce opening of a INDXX China Infrastructure Index, that is a free-float marketplace capitalization weighted batch marketplace index comprised of 30 heading companies that INDXX, LLC determines to be deputy of China’s Infrastructure sectors.

Background on Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) on NYSE Euronext
NYSE Euronext operates a world’s largest Exchange Traded Products marketplace, and is a heading venue for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), Exchange Traded Vehicles (ETVs) and Warrants and Certificates trading.  NYSE Euronext’s charity of these products provides investors entrance to regulated listings as good as quick and innovative trade collection to entrance liquidity.    NYSE Arca, NYSE Euronext’s US marketplace for ETFs, has 761 primary ETF and 50 primary ETV listings.  Additionally, NYSE Arca lists 90 ETNs, 174 Certificates, while trade all other authorised ETPs on an Unlisted Trading Privileges basis.  On a European markets, NYSE Euronext has 497 primary ETFs, 74 ETVs, 5 ETNs, with a sum series of 576 listings opposite a European markets.  In addition, NYSE Euronext lists a sum of 1,722 Certificates and Covered Warrants in Paris , Amsterdam , Brussels and Lisbon .

About Emerging Global Advisors 
Emerging Global Advisors is an eccentric investment advisory organisation and a unite of a Emerging Global Shares family of Exchange-Traded Funds.  The firm’s thematic investigate focuses essentially on financier opportunitiesin a rising markets.  More information on a organisation and a ETF products can be found during www.egshares.comwww.egshares.com. The Emerging Global Shares Funds are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc. Robert Holderith is a purebred deputy of ALPS Distributors, Inc.

About NYSE Euronext
NYSE Euronext (NYX) is a heading tellurian user of financial markets and provider of innovative trade technologies.  The company’s exchanges in Europe and a United States trade equities, futures, options, fixed-income and exchange-traded products.  With some-more than 8,000 listed issues, NYSE Euronext’s equities markets – a New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Euronext, NYSE Amex, NYSE Alternext and NYSE Arca – paint scarcely 40 percent of a world’s equities trading, a many liquidity of any tellurian sell group.  NYSE Euronext also operates NYSE Liffe, a heading European derivatives business and a world’s second-largest derivatives business by value of trading. The association offers extensive blurb technology, connectivity and marketplace information products and services by NYSE Technologies.  NYSE Euronext is in a SP 500 index, and is a usually sell user in a SP 100 index and Fortune 500.  For some-more information, greatfully visit: http://www.nyx.com.

NYSE Euronext and a affiliates do not suggest or make any illustration as to probable advantages from any bonds or investments, or third-party products or services. Investors should commence their possess due industry per their bonds and investment practices. This press recover speaks usually as of this date. NYSE Euronext disclaims any avocation to refurbish a information herein.



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