Here’s Yesterday’s NYSE Amex Volume in Nasdaq-Listed Issues


By: Ray Pellecchia
File Under: NYSE Amex

From my RMCs (Relationship Management colleagues):

Here’s the report on NYSE Amex trading activity in Nasdaq-listed securities where market share was 3% or more on 4 November, 2010.

• NYSE Amex had greater than 3% share in 61 securities and NYSE Amex had greater than 5% share or more in 10 securities.

• Of the 61 securities, 12 had market volumes of 1 million or more, and 3 had market volumes of 3 million or more.

• The top three stocks PPHM (59.0%), HSNI (12.9%) and HLCS (8.8%).

In addition to the growing liquidity, take advantage of NYSE Amex’s attractive rates. On 1 October, Amex UTP’s (for the newbies out there, that’s Unlisted Trading Privileges) rebate for customers providing liquidity increased to $0.0030 per share from $0.0019, including displayed and non-displayed orders for stocks priced above $1. The fee for customers taking liquidity increased to $0.0023 per share from $0.0013.

NYSE Amex is now offering a block rebate of $0.0036 per share in Tape C securities (that’s Nasdaq-listed issues) to all clients that display large liquidity. The block rebate is paid to orders that provide liquidity and originally display a minimum of 5,000 shares in stocks priced at least $5.00 per share.

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