NYSE Group Inc. Issues Short Interest Report


New York, December 27, 2010 –The NYSE Group, Inc. today reported short interest as of the close of business on the settlement date of December 15, 2010.

Based on information received from members and member organizations, short interest decreased to 13,313,735,933 shares from 13,617,841,295 (revised) shares on November 30, 2010. This was an decrease of 304,105,362 shares.

The short interest on December 15 was equal to 3.48 percent of the total shares outstanding.

The short interest in warrants as of December 15 amounted to 17,229,714 warrants, compared to 18,509,130 warrants the previous period.

As of the settlement date, there were 4,255 stocks and 46 warrants available for trading. Of these, 3,619 issues had either a short position of at least 5,000 shares or a change of 2,000 shares since the last monthly report.

A short sale is any sale of a security that the seller does not own or any sale that is completed by the delivery of a borrowed security.

Adjusted short interest for the preceeding 12 months:

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