Ambient Water Corporation (AWGI: OTCQB) | Ambient Water Announces Successful Attendance of #BCTECH Summit 2016


SPOKANE, WA–(Marketwired – January 21, 2016) –
Ambient Water
(OTCQB: AWGI), a leading provider of atmospheric water generation systems for extracting water from humidity in the air, today announced a successful attendance of #BCTECH Summit 2016, which took place January 18-19 in Vancouver. Sponsored by Microsoft, the Government of British Columbia, and the BC Innovation Council, #BCTECH Summit showcases the region’s innovative technology industry and the companies leading it.

Ambient Water had its Model 2500 atmospheric water generator, built for in-home residential use, on display throughout the two-day event. Ideal for kitchen counters and offices, the Model 2500 can produce up to five gallons of water per day using standard electricity. The unit is U.S. EPA-approved, ensuring the water produced is clean and safe to drink.

“Personal water production systems like our Model 2500 are an ideal solution for those looking for a safe and sustainable water source inside their home or office. The machines run on simple power and can easily meet the water needs of a household or office each day purely by harvesting the humidity in the air,” said Keith White, CEO, Ambient Water. “When you see the water crisis that’s happening in Flint, Michigan right now, the importance of sustainable water technologies becomes even more important. These technologies can save lives by providing consumable water when and where it is needed most, simply by plugging it in to a wall. No one should be without clean water, no matter the circumstance.”

Ambient Water also took part in a demonstration with partner BW GLOBAL Structures Inc., as the two companies showcased their closed-loop greenhouse structure to conference attendees. The structure, a 12×24 greenhouse, is currently in a six to 12 month testing phase where researchers are observing the equipment through multiple seasons to ensure the climate control and water production functions properly regardless of outside weather conditions.

“We are excited to have gotten the chance to show the closed-loop greenhouse structure here in Vancouver, as we are that much closer to achieving a commercial, 100% sealed greenhouse with complete environmental control,” said White. “This is a significant advancement toward solving both water and food issues across the world, in third world regions or in disaster relief scenarios. We are excited about the positive feedback and interest we have received at #BCTECH Summit and look forward to the further development of the technology with BW GLOBAL.”

Ambient Water’s patented atmospheric water generation technology literally makes water out of thin air, transforming humidity into an abundant source of clean water near the point of use. With multiple systems already commercially available or in development, the Company’s technology produces clean and fresh water for a host of commercial industries, including oil and gas exploration and farming, while also providing fresh drinking water for homes, offices, and communities.

About Ambient Water Corp.

Ambient Water pioneered atmospheric water generation technology for extracting water from humidity in the air. Drawing from the renewable ocean of water vapor in the air that we breathe, the Company’s patented technology cost-effectively transforms humidity into an abundant source of clean water near the point of use. The scalable and modular systems can be configured for a number of water-sensitive applications ranging from oil and gas exploration to vertical farming. The systems can also be configured to produce high quality drinking water for homes, offices, and communities. For a thirsty planet on the verge of a water crisis, Ambient Water makes clean water out of thin air. To learn more about Ambient Water, visit our website at

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