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Conclusion of Independent Lab Testing

Sep 16, 2013

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Tuscon, AZ

Bourque Industries, Inc. (BORK) Announced Conclusion of Initial Independent Lab Testing of Kryron with Positive Results


Bourque Industries announced today that it had concluded initial testing of its Kryron material through two Independent Laboratories.   Kryron was tested by Alfred University and under the direction of Bourque’s independent consultant, Robert Rieger, who then rendered a report based on the lab findings.


This testing did not focus on the ballistics characteristics of Kryron, but rather on other properties of the material that management believes could have commercial application.  


Mr. Rieger reported that thermal conductivity for Kryron was so high that it could not be measured on the Alfred University equipment, concluding that ?this is an extremely positive finding which might permit Kryron to be a superior thermal management (including heat sink) material?.


Mr. Rieger received an MBA from Syracuse University, and MS CERE and BCERE Ceramic Engineering degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology.  During Mr. Rieger?s career he served in various positions with M-Cubed Technologies, Inc., University of Arizona, Eller College of Management, Fisher Scientific International, Ferro Corporation and others.


More testing is planned to explore further the characteristics of Kryron for application as a potential heat sink material, and also to determine and document its potential benefits in ballistic armor applications and in other markets and applications.


Set forth below are two portions of Mr. Rieger?s report (The full Report is not being released as it contains confidential proprietary information):




Chemical and Physical Analysis of Kryron produced by Bourque Industries


Robert Rieger, Consultant

September 2, 2013



?Executive Summary



Two samples of Kryron, purported to be standard formula and manufacture, were tested for chemical and physical properties.  Because samples of ballistic material and completed plates were not available no ballistic testing was performed.


Testing was performed under the auspices of the NanoMaterials Innovation Center at Alfred University and Northwestern University laboratories.


These tests included x-ray diffraction, energy-dispersive elemental scanning electron microscopy, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and field ion beam microscopy measurement and analysis.


The results indicated the following for the two samples:


  • Kryron is an aluminum, copper and zinc alloy containing carbon nanotubes.

  • The microstructure is very uniform and the carbon nanotubes are most likely located in the aluminum-copper continuous intermetallic phase.  This region is where it would be expected the nanotubes would yield the greatest benefit.

  • Electrical conductivity was as expected, but the potential may exist for optimizing these properties.

  • Thermal conductivity could not be measured on the Alfred University equipment because it was too high.  This is an extremely positive finding which could permit Kryron to be a superior thermal management (including heat sink) material.

  • The composition of Kryron COULD explain the strength and toughness claims of ballistic performance; although, this was NOT specifically measured.  Further exploration of ballistic performance is required to confirm earlier company claims.



Further scientific work needs to be conducted to fully characterize the thermal conductivity findings and determine if improvement in electrical conductivity can be achieved.  And, as mentioned ballistic work needs to be done.  In addition, the formula and process for producing the optimal Kryron product have to be developed so statistical process control can be maintained.  The NanoMaterials Innovation Center is an ideal facility to conduct this work together with their commentary on the material.  It is recommended the board of Bourque Industries enter discussions with the NanoMaterials Innovation center to conduct the proposed research aimed at commercializing a finished product for thermal management, with a possibility of additional electrical and ballistic properties.?  (Conclusion of the Summary Portion of the Report)”




“The scientific measurements, findings and conclusions in this report must be framed with certain caveats, which include:


  • The two samples of Kryron have uncertain provenance, but were stated to be representative of the existing product and processes of Bourque Industries (statement made by Chris Ivey, consulting GM).

  • No ballistic plates or samples were received, or therefore tested.  Therefore, no conclusions can be drawn as to the promoted superior ballistic performance of Kryron.

  • This investigation focused upon the chemical and physical properties of Kryron, which it is understood were never methodically or scientifically measured before.


With these facts in mind, it is the professional opinion of the author the following can be concluded at this point:


  • Kryron is a metallic alloy of Aluminum, copper and zinc which exhibits a uniform and dense microstructure.

  • The material does contain CNT and they most likely are in the optimal position in the microstructure to improve mechanical and physical properties.

  • While the measured electrical conductivity was not superior, the possibility exists to enhance those properties.

  • The samples exhibited a very superior thermal conductivity, which could be the basis of a family of unique thermal management products (including heat sinks). 

  • The microstructure of Kryron MIGHT be the basis for strength and toughness claims in ballistic applications.  However, this was NOT measured and needs to be further investigated.



The only finding that stands out right now is the high and unmeasurable thermal conductivity.  Because no specific measurements could be obtained it is impossible to judge performance against other heat sink materials like Beryllium and Aluminum Nitride.  One can safely conclude Kryron could very well be fashioned and optimized as a superior product to these two leading existing heat sink materials.  The economics of this cannot be evaluated at this point.  One factor will be how cost effectively Kryron can be manufactured as contrasted to the thermal conductivity improvement it delivers.  It is possible applications for Kryron as a thermal management material will be in the defense, aerospace and optical industries where higher costs, and therefore prices can be tolerated.


This report is an initial effort to honestly and scientifically characterize Kryron.  Much further scientific work needs to be done to further define the properties, and therefore commercial applications.  In addition, a codification of the formula, raw materials and most importantly a reproducible and controllable process needs to be developed.


About Bourque Industries

Bourque Industries, Inc. is a development stage company  which, contingent on obtaining additional capital to finance its activities,  has a business plan to explore advanced materials science techniques  in an effort to develop and produce metal alloys and related product applications using what management believes could be a revolutionary metal-alloying process,  Kryron.   Management believes Kryronized alloys may have a potential for applications across a wide range of industries, including ballistic armor, electrical, aviation, automotive, mining, medical devices, agriculture and heavy equipment, consumer electronics, and more.   The Company?s goal is to prove up the particular qualities of Kryron, and if substantiated, then to pursue development and then marketing of products and uses for the material in various markets and industries where it would appear to have applications.      Please visit




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