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2017 Company Mission Statement and Goals – update on 2016 projects

Jan 13, 2017

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Johnston, RI

– Caduceus Software Systems Corp ($CSOC) (OTC:CSOC) announces its 2017 roadmap and discusses 2016 project status.
2016 has been a transforming year for the Company. Mr. and Mrs. Tang have reorganized the share structure and maintains the goal of improving investor confidence. It was decided to return 75 million shares of restricted certificates and cancel them. However after much thought and debate, it was deemed best to maximize the restricted issuance so that the common class is maxed out so that the free trading and float remain constant. We believe that this strategy is better than our original plan of cancelling those shares because it leaves zero doubt of any dubious share issuances or opportunity for conversions.

As stated before, the Company and management do not have an immediate need for selling restricted stock or changing the existing restricted stock to free trading for the board’s personal gains.

From our official website:

In our 2016 we had injected a promising SaaS project called is a reserved domain name and was meant to have a comprehensive portal for clients to track their marijuana inventory goods and materials. There was a request for proposal (RFP) which we had completed, and provided comprehensive screenshots and use-case workflows to the proposed client. The client gave us indication of the project award date to be January 4th 2017. Unfortunately we have not been able to contact that client, other than a comment made by its officer that they have not received regional compliance for their project which affected this RFP thereby deeming our efforts to obtain the contract useless. It is regrettable as much human work cycles have been spent by us (CSOC) and we do not comment on their protocol/courtesy of communication or lack there of. As a result, the project is deprecated and is not of current concern.

In our last two updates, we stated that we are working on a proxy service, and that we have established a good rapport that gave arise to a joint venture with Icon Media Holdings. We are very excited of the prospects of revenue via selling the proxy service and those details are explained in . Information of our relationship with ICNM and the potential outreach or expansion of client base resulting from the joint venture are fully expressed (an opinion) in the last press release dated January 12, 2016.

On another note, we are very happy with the engagement and the ability to freely communicate with our audience via . Twitter has been our main source of client/investor/general audience engagement and we take pride and with enthusiasm, to answer any questions that we are able to. Please note that we cannot answer forward-looking information.

Information disseminated via and and are authorized and reliable sources of information of the current status of our projects and goals and thoughts and mantra.  It has come to our attention that CSOC has a page on investor hub and is grossly out-dated with information that is no longer relevant. We ask these moderators to remove the old information and deprecate the, the old share structure, and static content that changes by nature of time lapse. This is a notice to the moderators of the CSOC board on ihub that we really appreciate the organic following and enthusiasm, but we do caution that information on there is dated or is not official. You (all) can email us anytime at

For 2017 we aspire to achieve greater investor confidence, better engagement with our investors, continued transparency with respect to our share structure that would affect investors, and product a project that will produce a revenue stream that justifies/satisfies our market cap. The project will most likely be relating to content delivery, considering our recent JV with ICNM and our SaaS platform architecture.

We are very pleased with the enthusiasm and encouragement of the general audience and are appreciative of your cordial correspondence. We believe in organic engagement. So we will tweet and use our website, RSS feeds, and official OTCMarkets channels to disseminate news. We have received many emails and calls about paid promotion, but we do not engage in that as we feel it is ethically wrong. We thank those parties to connect with us, but we think that the base of a good company is its project and intellectual property generation and not by temporary means. Plus we do not want to use money for that as it should be spent on projects.

Our commodity is intellectual property and facilitating important data flow. We do not aspire to be audacious, but useful to our clients and the world data networks.

Thank you again and Sincerely,

Richard Tang, Anna Tang, and Erwin Vahlsing.

About The Company

Software Systems Corp is an innovation company. It develops software,
software design assets and technical expertise to its clients. The term,
Caduceus, is an ancient symbol of good business/commerce.

company is focused on innovation with search as a primary project, and
has lots of experience in IT in harsh environments, and it has a passion
for music and the ability for music searchability improvements. It has
assets and intellectual property that has accumulated for the past 5
years and will be applied to its projects.

As of November 2016,
the company has recently expanded its business model to include Software
as a Service (Cloud business services) to obtain recurring revenue

It has projects in technology currently, and has
strategic alliances with the open source community. As of January 2017
it has a working relationship with a hardware vendor called Icon Media

Forward Looking Statements

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similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements.
These forward-looking statements involve, and are subject to known and
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or operating) or achievements expressed or implied by such
forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements attributable
to Caduceus Software Systems Corp., herein are expressly qualified in
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Software Systems Corp., disclaims any obligation to update
forward-looking statements contained in this estimate, except as may be
required by law.


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