COREwafer Industries, Inc. (WAFR: OTC Pink Current) | CEO LETTER TO SHAREHOLDERS


Jun 30, 2013

OTC Disclosure News Service

New York, NY

NY,  June 30, 2013) – COREwafer
Industries, Inc., (
PINKSHEETS: WAFR) announces that the following letter is being released to its




As you know by now, I took over the role of CEO for
the Company just a few days ago.  It is
at this time that I want to take a moment to formally introduce myself to all of
our shareholders and explain our plans for the future for building a profitable
organization and an even stronger business relationship with you.


First, a little about myself:  I have served as Senior Vice President and
Senior Director for several highly successful software companies over the last
15 years. My track record in building high-growth software companies
encompasses all aspects of leading, building, growing, funding, and managing.
My leadership helped each of those companies grow exponentially. Now, at
COREwafer Industries, I will take the company?s proven software and traction to


Since embarking on my role as your CEO I have spent a
great deal of time assessing the company?s business in terms of development,
revenue and future partnerships which will allow us to compete at the highest
levels within this industry.  Now, with our needs identified, we have a
strategy in place which will help us meet those needs.


Our first step is to work more toward leveraging the
benefits of being a public company and take advantage of the fragmented
market. Rapid consolidation over the next few years is nearly certain and
we are ready to use our public company status to become a leader in this


I do recognize that those of you who have followed the
Company over the years are used to the typical, lengthy manufacturing process
and associated business model.  That model doesn?t work here. We are in
the software business, fighting for every dollar of revenue we can get. 
As such, as we build up our pipeline, there will be peaks and valleys of
visibility. Software upgrades take from three to six months to create,
test and launch. During this process there won?t be much to see or to
report on for several months and then, the miracle appears.


While I know it has been a long road for most
shareholders, I must request a bit of patience in this first year.  You
won?t see new software or an upgrade for a few months, but you will see the
momentum building and we will look to keep you updated on all of our progress.


We have challenges on every front?from large and
?rich? competition to bad economic situations for everyone to this industry
moving very fast. We also face increasing demands from the customers and we
cannot sit on the sidelines hoping that everything will be all right. We need
to be pro-active, both in fundraising and in development for the future.


I recognize that many of you may have a number of
additional questions and to answer them the most effective way I know how, we are
arranging to hold a conference call for shareholders for which you will be
receiving notification from our stock transfer agent.


In the meantime, please visit our new website
frequently to watch our progress.  We are looking forward to a very
exciting 2013 and beyond!


Cyril Moreau

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