Daniels Corporate Advisory Co Inc (DCAC: OTCQB) | Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. Sets Policy Statement on the Redemption of Convertible Note Financing


NEW YORK, Sept. 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Senior Management of Daniels (OTCQB:DCAC) has been notified by Vis Vires Group of their intention to file a Form 13 G with the SEC stating that within 60 days, due to conversion rights contained in a Convertible Promissory Note dated April 15, 2015, it has the right to convert the note into shares of Daniels in an amount of up to 9.9% of the common stock of Daniels.

Vis Vires Group does not own now nor has ever owned shares and it is the company’s intention to redeem the Convertible Note prior to its maturity so they will not be issued any stock.

The Company has a history of redeeming or having Convertible Notes acquired from funding sources as they come due. The Compnay has every intention of continuing this policy.

CONTACT: Arthur D. Viola

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