Dyesol Ltd. (DYSOY: OTCQX International) | Important Market Update from Dyesol

Important Market Update from Dyesol

Oct 23, 2013

OTC Disclosure News Service

Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

– 1.    Dyesol is providing this update in response to uninformed media comments in relation to its current negotiations for strategic investment by Tasnee* that Dyesol believes are undermining its share price. There is no basis for this negative speculation.

2.    Dyesol has been invited to attend a meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in early November to finalise these negotiations. There it will also finalise the detailed business plans for the global commercialisation of its solid-state DSC technology.

3.    The timetable for discussion has been affected by recent religious holidays in Saudi Arabia which means that any required shareholder resolutions are to be sought at an EGM in December or January and not at the AGM on November 28.

*Investment may be by Tasnee or by Cristal, its 66% owned subsidiary.

Authorised by the Chairman and Board,
Richard Caldwell
24 October 2013

About Dyesol Limited
Dyesol is a global supplier of Dye Solar Cell (DSC) materials, technology and know-how. DSC is a photovoltaic technology enabling metal, glass and polymeric based products in the building, transport and electronics sectors to generate energy and improve energy efficiency. Dyesol partners with leading multinational companies who possess significant market share and established routes-to-market. The company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (DYE), the German Open Market (D5I.F), and is trading on the OTCQX (DYSOY) through its depositary BNY Mellon. Learn more and subscribe to our mailing list: www.dyesol.com

About Dye Solar Cell Technology
DSC technology can best be described as ?artificial photosynthesis? using an electrolyte, a layer of titania (a pigment used in white paints and tooth paste) and ruthenium dye deposited on glass, metal or polymer substrates. Light striking the dye excites electrons which are absorbed by the titania to become an electric current. Compared to conventional silicon based photovoltaic technology, Dyesol?s technology has lower cost and embodied energy in manufacture, it produces electricity more efficiently even in low light conditions and can be directly incorporated into buildings by replacing conventional glass panels or metal sheets rather than taking up roof or extra land area.

– Ends –

Media Investor Relations Contacts:
Dyesol Headquarters Angela Geary, Dyesol Brand Manager Tel: +61 (0)2 6299 1592, ageary@dyesol.com
Australia Viv Hardy, Callidus PR Tel: +61(0)2 9283 4113 or +61 (0)411 208 951, viv@calliduspr.com
Germany Europe Eva Reuter, DR Reuter Investor Relations Tel: +49 177 605 8804, e.reuter@dr-reuter.eu

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