Jan 26, 2014

OTC Disclosure News Service

Rochester, NY

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, January 26, 2014.  Michael P. Grande and Randolph S. Hudson are
pleased to announce their acquisition of Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc., a Delaware
corporation (US.HFBG.PK) (“Fame”). 
While there are certain agreements that remain to be exchanged among Mr.
Grande, Mr. Hudson, and Alexander S. Johnson, Fame’s Chairman, President, and
Chief Executive Officer, the acquisition of Fame has been completed.

     Mr. Johnson said, “I think Mr.
Grande and Mr. Hudson will be able to revive our brands and pick up where we
left off.
  If we work together, I think
we can see some positive results by mid-year.”

     Mr. Johnson comes to The Hudson and
Grande Organization with impressive credentials.
  Mr. Johnson is an entrepreneur who specializes in the consumable products market
and nutritional supplement market.
Johnson helped to launch the “Top Dogg” brand during the summer of
  Before stepping into the
consumable products and nutritional supplements markets, Mr. Johnson began his
career in the government services industry in 2006 with CACI International,
Inc. as a Program Control Analyst.
the past seven years, Mr. Johnson held various finance related positions as a
Senior Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton in Mclean, Virginia, managing the
budgets of multiple governments with funded amounts of over $35 million dollars
  Mr. Johnson?s work experience
with two of the world?s leading providers of government consulting services
proves that he understands what it takes to lead and manage a business.
  Mr. Johnson holds a BS in Accounting from Old
Dominion University and a MS in Accounting and Information Systems from the
University of Maryland’s University College.

     Fame is principally known for the
distribution of its energy drink named “Atomic Dogg”, which it
manufactured under license from Primo Products, LLC, a Delaware limited
liability company, and “Grand Ma Ma’s Sweet Tea”, which it
manufactured under license from Larry Johnson Beverage Group, Inc., a Delaware

     Mr. Grande said, “The acquisition
of Hall of Fame, and our subsequent marketing of its products later this year,
will help to round-out the product line by adding a premium tea and energy
drink to the other brands that Randy [Hudson] and I have acquired for our
holding company and for the benefit of our shareholders.
  Moreover, I am very eager to work with Mr.
Johnson and with Hall of Fame’s co-founder and the developer of the Atomic Dogg
product, not only in this company, but in some of the other companies that
Randy and I control.
  As we have tried in
past to make clear, with this company, and with our other companies, the
administrative clean-up of the companies is essential before we can move on to
marketing the company’s products, and, in the case of some of the companies,
their services.
  This will only serve to
build a strong foundation from which we can build and to avoid the mistakes
made by each company’s former senior executive management.”

     Mr. Hudson said, “Mike [Grande] and
I have our work cut out for us; particularly, to bring Hall of Fame current in
its administrative obligations with OTC Markets and Depository Trust
  Once our administrative tasks
are complete, we can begin to focus on the reintroduction of Hall of Fame’s
  In addition, we expect to have
Hall of Fame’s interim website up-and-running by 7 February.

     Fame intends to reintroduce its products
on a limited basis in Upstate New York and Las Vegas by the end of the third
calendar quarter of 2014, and, thereafter, to offer its products in select U.
S. markets by mid-year 2015.

     Mr. Grande will serve as the company’s
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Hudson will serve as
its Vice-Chairman.
  In addition to the
other officers and directors, Mr. Johnson will remain on Fame’s Board of
Directors, and, Mr. Johnson will also serve on the Board of Directors of Hudson
and Grande, Fame’s parent company.

     Fame’s shareholders and investors are
welcome to inquire of the company’s development by calling Mr. Grande at (585)
967-3198 or Mr. Hudson at (585) 329-3581.

(The senior executive
management of Hall of Fame Beverages (US.HFBG.PK), Encounter Development
Technologies, Inc. (US.ENTI.PK), Real American Capital Corporation
(US.RLAB.PK), Oncology Medical, Inc. (US.ONCO.PK), Apple Rush Company, Inc.
(US.APRU.PK), Central Wireless, Inc. (US.CWIR.PK) seek safe harbor for their
forward-looking statements as permitted under the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995.)

The above news release has been provided by the above company via the OTC Disclosure and News Service. Issuers of news releases and not OTC Markets Group Inc. are solely responsible for the accuracy of such news releases.

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