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ISA´s subsidiary in Brazil successfully bid two lots

Sep 05, 2011

OTC Disclosure News Service

Medellin, Colombia –

 ISA´s subsidiary in Brazil successfully bid two lots   

  • Three substations and four transmission lines are part of the lots. 

  • The works will extend CTEEP´s presence to two new Brazilian states.


Compañía de Transmisión de Energía Eléctrica Paulista –CTEEP-, ISA´s subsidiary in Brazil, was awarded with lots K and L, of transmission auction 004/2011 held by Agencia Nacional de Energía –ANEEL- and BMF Bovespa de Sao Paulo.


Lot K is composed by Itapeti substation, which will allow consolidating the Company´s presence in the State of Sao Paulo, ensuring greater reliability on electric power supply at the Northeastern region of Gran Sao Paulo, Mogi de las Cruzes and the Valley of Paraíba. The total value of annual revenues generated by this lot will be approximately 4.3 million reais, with a discount of 48.99%, and the estimated investment will be around 73 million reais. 


On the other hand, Lot L, awarded to Consortium Garanhuns, composed by CTEEP (51%) and Compañía Hidro Eléctrica de San Francisco -CHESF- (49%), will allow the construction, operation and maintenance of two substations and for transmission lines totaling 666 kilometers in length in the states of Paraíba and Pernambuco.  The total value of annual revenues generated by this lot will be approximately 68.9 million of reais, with a discount of 38.07%.


The result of this new auction is quite significant for ISA´s subsidiary, as it will enable the Company introducing into two new Brazilian states: Paraíba and  Pernambuco, thereby extending to 14 states where it may operate. 


CTEEP, ISA´s subsidiary in Brazil, transmits the equivalent of 30% consumption of the country´s electric power, 60% of the South Eastern region and 100% of the consumption of the state of Sao Paulo. Its infrastructure encompasses 18,794 kilometers of circuits, 2,488 kilometers of fiber optic networks and 105 substations with voltage up to 550 kV. 

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