Legends Food Corporation (LJWY: OTC Link) | Legends Foods Corp (OTCMarket: LJWY) changes name to Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated to reflect Texas focus


Legends Foods Corp (OTCMarket: LJWY) changes name to Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated to reflect Texas focus

Oct 03, 2011

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Dallas, TX –

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Laurence Briggs





Legends Foods Corp (OTCMarket: LJWY) changes name to Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated to reflect Texas focus


Dallas TX- October 4, 2011- At a board meeting on September 28th, the Board of Directors accepted the proposal from President CEO Laurence Briggs to change the name Legends Foods Corporation (OTCMarket: LJWY) to “Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated”.


“The name change represents the identity of our operational brands and our ability to broaden our activities into licensing of this prestigious and emotional brand throughout the world” said Briggs.


The name change was ratified by shareholders representing a majority of the company’s common stockholders. A CUSIP and symbol change will follow.


In addition to the name change, the last two weeks of September yielded big results for Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated. The company acquired the prestigious domain name www.republicoftexas.com, giving them an exceptional domain from which to launch operations. They also received confirmation from their trademark attorneys that the brand including the Texas battle flag was accepted for trademark.


“These two events are huge in the effect on the potential to license the brand in other areas outside our expertise or where there is an appropriate market” said Briggs.


In order to ensure the company has all of the proper Trademarks/Intellectual Property rights, Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated and/or its subsidiaries have recently filed the following trademarks using its unique logo: Republic of Texas Food Company, Republic of Texas Chocolate factory, Republic of Texas Apparel Company and Republic of Texas Brands.


The launch of the Republic of Texas Food Company will take place this first week of October with the rollout of the eCommerce sites.


The first site, www.MamaRosaTamales.com went live Monday October 3rd.  The Corporate gift catalog and retail and merchandising will follow this week.


The deal to acquire Mary of Puddin Hill has technically expired and  is currently being reworked between the owners of MPH and the Republic of Texas Food Company executive management team.  We are all very keen to get the operation going as quickly as possible”, continued Laurence Briggs.


For more information, please contact Laurence Briggs: laurence@republicoftexas.com


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