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Mentor Capital CEO Discusses Marijuana Investment in Forbes Magazine

Nov 04, 2014

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Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTC Markets: MNTR) is pleased that on election day
Mentor’s comments on marijuana investing and the important topic of
marijuana legalization are covered by Mark Fidelman in Forbes Magazine.
He writes: “Will the federal government’s tacit overlooking of the
national cannabis laws continue?” “The process of stepped legalization
has started and continuing prospects look promising.” “Two-thirds (2/3)
of the analysts love the potential of the marijuana industry since the
$50 billion market is already developed, albeit illegal.”

In explaining cannabis investment during this transition to full
legalization, Chet
Billingsley, CEO of Mentor Capital
, Inc. reports,
“Marijuana investors repeat the tale of Joe Kennedy in the 1930’s and
how he amassed a stock position before the lifting of prohibition and
made a fortune from the re-legalization of alcohol. Many public
companies [including Mentor Capital] are copying this model. They are
positioning to have market share and established market presence when
marijuana prohibition lifts.

“This makes the analysis of public marijuana stocks an indirect art
rather than a financial science. Like selling picks and shovels to gold
miners, there are legitimate investment purposes today in the marijuana
industry by those that supply land, extraction equipment, insurance,
financial services, software, consulting and the like. The establishment
of brand identity, without actually `touching the bud,’ as they say, is
also key in establishing a footprint in advance of the lifting of
marijuana prohibition.

“But, many other companies do little more than attach `canna’ to their
name and must be suspect,” Mr. Billingsley warns.

The full text of Mark Fidelman’s article in Forbes can be found at:

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